Another Photography Outing..

Posted: 27 December, 2007 by kinz in Random Snapshots

Where did we go this time for photography?

Stay tune.. Out for yum cha session with friends!


So we went off to Perdana Lake Gardens (better known as Taman Tasik Perdana)..

Today was with two other photographer.. Eman and Rina..

So yea.. We first went to the Hibiscus Park..

Some white hibiscus.. I realized this picture will look better if there’s some “emo” captions in it.. Hahaha..

Look at the bee!

Then we went off to the Orchid Farm which is connected to the Hibiscus Park.. It’s kinda boring in the Hibiscus Park as all the flower looked really similar.. Only the colour and size differs from one another..

At the Orchid Farm..

Can you see the sunrays?

The colours of the orchids are pretty..

Some waterlily..

Some lizard’s tail.. Damn bloody long aye? Actually it’s some branch from this weird looking plant/tree.. Scary huh?

The park closes at 6pm sharp.. We were forced to leave by some officials on a motorcycle escorting chasing us to the exit..

Then we headed over to the Lake Gardens which is not far from the park..

Before entering the park.. I got the picture above right above of this post..

And I got this as well..

Rina is looking for her way out..

And I got this at the entrance of the park..

After spending bout 30 minutes at the park.. We spotted a bunch of geese swimming at the lake.. Ran to catch an opportunity to photoshoot them..

And that’s when a bunch of 8-10 of them came up to ground and started feeding themselves with grass..

Goosey lucy..

They are so cute that I feel like kicking them back into the lake..

Unfortunately, they were too defensive! I mean seriously defensive.. I had about 50 shots of them.. I guess they were train to pose!

Alright.. Next week might wanna head to the orchid farm again to cover the other 3 quarter of that place which we did not cover today.. Who’s in?

Pictures today were not heavily photoshopped.. The weather was extremely good!

  1. ea says:

    Banyak giler gambar. Hahahah. Mine sikit jer. :S Dan tarak stim. 😦

  2. Shaz says:

    Awesomeeeeee pics!! Dang, if only i had such time to do all that! REally great pics of the ducks! hehe.. i see Eman with his krumpler! 😛

  3. ye says:

    “They are so cute that I feel like kicking them back into the lake..”

    … how does them being cute = kicking them into the lake?!?! hahahah.

  4. Emily T says:

    Say not gonna photograph bugs and flowers! Haha but in the end….no portraits also?? But nice photos of the geese though!

  5. rinachew says:

    Wow, really amazing pictures there!
    I personally love that one with the bee flying out, just imagine if that bee spank my butt
    See, you shouldn’t have shake with the bee inside the flower you thought it was dead =P
    Anyway, thanks for the praise earlier, really appreciate it
    Yeah, will love to go another photography session with both of you
    Actually, my pictures are overexpose ):

  6. kinz says:

    ea : next week!! lets go lagi!! hahahaha..

    shaz : you must be kidding.. your pictures are wayyy better.. thanks anyway…

    ye : hahaha.. yea… so u better not claim urself cute or else i’ll kick u too.. hahaha..

    em: well the other two fellas duwan to lemme shoot them.. ahhaha.. but still damn fun weihh.. ahhaha.. and thanks!

    rina : your pix were nice too aight.. next week next week!!! ahhaha.. overexposed? use photoshop to kao tim la! ahahha.. unless too much..

  7. pat says:

    dam…how i wish i could go.. =S nice contrast on the 1st pic. Brilliant red! XD

  8. kinz says:

    Hahaha thanks for your comment… And lets go again next week..

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