To The Land of King Kong..

Posted: 15 December, 2007 by kinz in At Random

Alright.. In 5 hours time.. I’ll be heading to KLIA.. For what, you asked..

I’m heading to Hong Mutha-fking Kong.. And yea I should be off sleeping right now.. It’ll be a long day ahead… If there’s WiFi around, I’ll most probably be able to reply comments and hopefully to update a lil.. Well, that’s if they have WiFi.. So yea.. I’m Off right now.. And do check out my blog when I get back.. There will be more pictures to come.. Not sure if they are good.. But they better be.. So see ya!

  1. Zhen Quan says:

    No wonder u’re not comin back la…go find king kong den become sotong!!

  2. kinz says:

    U gayy shit.. U still having sugar rush since last two nites? I mean the limau-rush at williams..

  3. yonghua says:

    wAh Hong Kong!!!!


    have fun man… Take more hk girls photo

  4. suehlung says:

    i still dun get why u havta add “Mutha-fking” in between hong and kong.. can’t juz be hong kong?

  5. ea says:

    ^Streetwear brand

  6. kinz says:

    yonghua – yea the chix there kinda chun.. seriously.. but then.. taking pix of them.. hmm.. don’t sound like a good idea.. none of them are polite.. they’ll prolly fXXk me in the face if they find out..

    suehlung – chill la bro… as ea said it’s from a hong kong streetwear brand..

    ea – thanks alot on ur tripod.. i really appreciated it.. and ur batts too.. DAMN DAMN DAMN useful…

    the rest – this blog will be updated soon.. like real soon.. uploading 4gb worth of photos now… so stay tune guys!

  7. ea says:

    they’ll prolly fXXk me in the face if they find out..

    I wouldn’t mind taking their photos then. ;P

  8. suehlung says:

    hahah.. no prob.. thought u had sum prob wit hong kong or sumthin.. lol.. welcome back btw..

  9. Zhen Quan says:

    he’s back…NNOooOOOOoo!!

  10. kinz says:

    ea : u won’t wanna try.. hk ppl damn sicko.. dildos are all over d street.. prostitudes are everywhere.. but i guess i mean fXXk u verbly in ur face…

    suehlung : nola.. hk is a damn good place.. lets go yum cha!!!

    zhenquan : damnit.. u wan me to die in hk? i miss uncle ramly so much.. hahaha..

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