The evening rain…

Posted: 6 December, 2007 by kinz in Random Snapshots

Slept at 6am last night this morning..

Woke up at 9.54am.. Extra class starts at 10.00am.. I reached the classroom at 10.12am.. Kinda usual for me.. Hehehe..

After class, prepared lunch, ate lunch, and slept till 4pm.. Came online, within 5 minutes, ajak-ed eman out for photography lessons by him.. Initial plan was to go to Lake Gardens.. It drizzled as I reached his house to picked him.. Thought it won’t last for long.. By the time we reached Eastin Hotel, it started to pour like crazy muthafkin pussies and bitches.. (the upgrade of raining cats and dogs..) Then changed plan.. Lepak at Pelita Ss2 and he showed/racun-ed/whatever whatever me his gears.. I was drooling all over.. Even the indi-an fella at the mamak was like WAHHH.. “Ini berapa? Rm300 boleh dapat?” Wahahah.. Rm300 can only get you a film based camera or a lomograph camera yo!

Anyway. After being poisoned.. Time to bring his gears into action.. Went to Kiara Park, thinking they will be a lot of bugs to macro.. Hell no.. All we found was a Dragonfly who flew away, some gigantic ants, a curled up spider and monkeys.. Lotsa monkeys… So…

Here is what it looks like in Kiara Park after rain..

A lil misty/foggy up there..

While searching for bugs..

Snapped some water droplets! Of course, with eman’s macro filter..

Probably the one of the two gigantic ant spotted.. I killed the other one as it was crawling on my feet..

Same one at a different position..

It was getting late..  and I got this..

Reflections of the lake.. Something which I wanted to take ever since I read about photography.. I would prefer to have the same kinda shot with more lights by the side.. Probably a street or something..

I guess that’s all.. and looks like it is time to study.. I promised myself if I reached the quota for tonight.. I shall have another photography lesson/session with eman again the next evening.. Owh.. I have to thank him for letting me fiddle around with his awesome-jaws-dropping-balls-dangling gears!

  1. ea says:

    wah photog lesson / session? :S lol

  2. pat says:

    alaaa…tak ajak again.. =( *sulks*

  3. ea says:

    wah u celeb photographer worrrr. we not gamour enough for you lehhhh 😛 hahaha

  4. ea says:

    woopsie. i meant glamour

  5. rinachew says:

    It is poking,poking and poking

  6. kinz says:

    ea : biler nak ajar dan racun aku lagi?

    pat : wanted to call u when we reached there.. but it rained.. so didn’t call u…

    rina : poking toes and fingers is okay.. dun poke other stuffs can edi.. ahhahah..

  7. pat says:

    ea: glamor? tak cukup u glamor la.. XD haha…wtf..

    kinz:alaaa…i was so bored at home..this sunday? nak gi bertembak2?

  8. kinz says:

    monday i got papers.. if sunday go tembak.. looks like i will have to tembak during exams.. ahhaha..

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