Nips or Nuts..

Posted: 4 December, 2007 by kinz in At Random

Had extra class this morning.. Yup.. My lecturers are absolutely hardworking! And another one tomorrow and another one day after tomorrow..

Digged my coinbox and headed over to the nearby 7-eleven to get a pack of skittles.. Little did I know, they don’t stock them skittles.. Settled off with Nips.. Nope.. That picture wasn’t photoshopped to be like that.. It was originally like that from the camera.. Feeling dreamy?

Reminds me about edusmart tuition.. Head over to Mobil to get some of these and munch these nuts till tuition ends.. I was wondering.. Why the hell do they name these nuts as nips? I thought nuts were nuts and nips were nips.. Will you call your nuts as  nips? Or the other way around, call your nips as nuts? Stupid mofo who created this, didn’t know how to differentiate nuts and nips..

Weather was real good today..

Decided to take some pictures of building.. Somehow I took pictures of cranes again.. I love to take pictures of cranes..

They just look good in the blue skies.. How I wish I could take a picture of a crane beside standing beside a lightning bolt.. Most likely the crane will be fried…

  1. pikyiee. says:

    hey 😀

    you dropped by my blog. was wondering who are you so i drop by yours too ! 😛 very nice pictures ! you have skills dude. & you totally have a thing for shoes.


  2. kinz says:

    Hey there.. I was blog hopping that time.. Heheh.. Well I guess, you can take better pictures with your Super Sampler… Thanks for dropping by though..

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