Assignment Accomplished!

Posted: 30 November, 2007 by kinz in Random Snapshots

Woohooo!!! The title says it all..

I’m sure you guyz know why there isn’t much update lately..

Here’s 1 of the 4 reasons.. An Operational Amplifier.. Getting one of this basic circuit done isn’t hard. But there’s lotsa hassle like doing a simulation, drawing the layout of the PCB on a piece of paper, then on the software, then printing it out, then etch the PCB, then solder the components and finally, WRITE A BLOODY REPORT!

But it’s cool though.. Despite the hassle, it’s actually a good experience! And yea.. It’s function is to amplify the input signal..  Waveform can be seen through an oscilloscope..

The other two reasons for not blogging lately..

2D and 3D modelling.. Woohoo! I’m so proud of that.. They are my floppy disk design.. I’m loving AutoCAD babehh!!!

The last reason is also another assignment, it’s designing a digital clock on a simulation software, and as usual, a report after that…

GOOD TO GO BABEHH!!!! All submitted.. 1 more report was handed in early this morning.. Therefore there’s a total of 4 reports actually.. YAY!! I can enjoy this weekend, and then study hard for the next week.. Exams are closing in!

  1. pat says:

    OMG..Op AMP!!!Hehe..I know how to calculate the circuit!! XD Issit an inverting or non-inverting op-amp?

  2. suehlung says:

    gay.. i learnt that too..

  3. rinachew says:

    No wonder I never like engineering course
    With all the electronics and etc. , makes me headache!

  4. kinz says:

    pat : yea opamp.. think its a non inverting.. btw.. what is there to count? besides the gain? i forget bout this edi man.. i learn dis 2 semesters ago.. dis assignment is for us to learn about etching a PCB and construct a circuit..

    suehlung : haha.. the opamp? guess its a very common topic… hahahhaha..

    rina : yea i dun quite like electronics as well.. gotto finish this course before switching to another.. hahahha…

  5. pat says:

    Calculate gain and bandwidth. Negative feedbacks etc… am i saying.. =P

  6. ye says:

    thank God i didn’t study this!

    hahah congrats on submitting all your assignments. =)

  7. ea says:

    Assignments? Blah laaa. Exams the real shizznit yo! Nyahahahaha

  8. kinz says:

    pat : hahaha.. yea.. wtf are u saying?

    ye : hahaah.. thnx.. HOLIDAY!!!!!! uggggh..

    ea : yea exams.. ugggh.. next week.. where’s my holidays!!!!

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