Posted: 21 November, 2007 by kinz in At Random, Buds Meetups

It’s been awhile since I’ve blog.. Lots of assignments in progress.. My PDA is still for sale.. and I still have not find time to toy around with my new camera yet.. When will I complete all my assignments? Dumb question.. Of course by the due date.. Just can’t wait to get deez shitz done..

As most of you guys know.. I don’t eat vegetables.. I’m a carnivore..  but things are about to change…

No don’t rub eyes anymore.. It is a bowl of salad.. A bowl of salad without dress-ing..

Tomato Ketchup & Mayonaise.. My all time favorites..

Stir KAO KAO!!!

TADAAA!!! Thousand Island!

And dress up the NUDE BOWL OF SALAD!

It was good yo!

And finally.. If the camwhore is a carnivore, what would you call it?

The carniWHORE..

Yup.. It’s good! Vegetables are for gay! Vegetables are sometimes for gay!!

On another random day last week…

We celebrated Zhen Quan’s birthday.. At Paris again.. For the sake of the Kou Lou Yoke.. Too bad we didn’t order Kou Lou Yoke this time..

The cake we bought for him..  In case you can’t read.. It says “Happy BirthdayGAY Zhen Quan.”

Who the hell put candles that close? Hahaha..

Zhen Quan is sort of amused by the gay cake..

His Gay portion.. Happy BirthGAY yo!

Last weekend.. Chilled out with some sneakerheads at Bangsar and then to Taman Tun.. Found a great place to chill out.. Beer is pretty cheap too! Somewhere in TTDI Plaza..

I hope this update is enough for the moment and I might or might not be updating this place for awhile.. and I should be completing my assignments right now!

  1. ye says:

    Hahah so a bowl of salad without dressing is called a nude bowl of salad… -.-” hahahahah! the things u come up with hahah…

    lol! i like the birthday/gay thing hahah. whose bright idea was that?

  2. rinachew says:

    Boy,you better get a lot of sleep when your assignments are done
    Look at you,sleepy sleepy look there.Eyes a bit the redish somemore
    Take care!

  3. kinz says:

    ye : yup.. a nude bowl of salad.. sounds sexy huh? wait till you see it dressed up with the seductive peach coloured dressing… mmmhhhmmm… it was MY IDEA… *proud*… and its not birthday/gay thingy.. its birthGAY… haaha…

    rina : wow.. i didn even notice that… but heyy.. its good to stay up late.. you’ll get to spend more time in ur life.. hahaha. life is short yo!

  4. Emily T says:

    thanks for the thousand island idea!!! cos i always run out of TI.

    Anyway. TTDI Plaza nice right! I was at Bamboo on Sat night. You? What’s the nice place with cheap beer called?

  5. kinz says:

    Hahaha.. Bamboo.. Heyy.. I was somewhere near there… Forgot what’s the name.. It’s a very cute and catchy name.. Next to Bamboo if I’m not wrong.. Or at least on the same street.. Haha..

  6. Firzen says:

    woi yo.. thousand island weh… thousand island!

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