Old toy for new toy..

Posted: 13 November, 2007 by kinz in Buds Meetups, Gadget Related, Sneakers

So yea. Continuation of last Friday Wii-ing at Thiam Beng’s house..

It may be brutal if it slips of your aggressive hands..

Because this is how we play it.. Karl Son playing boxing.. Damn funny game I tell you..

Oowhh I forgot..

We had this for supper as usual..

Weekend was spent at 1U again..

My colleague Faliq’s brand new Takashi 2 SB..

Still trying to get used to my new camera.. Today is all about Assignments, Wedding Dinner, and product photography to sell off my PDA..

And my PDA is for sale.. More info and pictures HERE on Lowyat.net

The complete package..

The PDA..

The free music player..

And the free scratch..

All for RM850 (negotiable) or trade with a Dell Axim X51v or X50v..

Alright.. That’s all for now.. Good night and BUY MY PDA!!!! PLEASEE!!!! Even better if someone is willing to have a fair trade with me..


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