When exactly….

Posted: 7 November, 2007 by kinz in At Random, Sneakers

…can I have my dSLR???? AAAAAAAAarrrghhh!!!

Class was cancelled today, with condition that, assignments must be handed in today.. So yea I was really happy, handed it in at about 2.30pm and then OFF I headed down town by myself.. Sad huh?

Went around clowning at every shop looking for the best deal..

No idea of what I’m looking for?

How bout now?

Still thinking?

Was looking for the best camera deal in town..

Parked at Times Square, walked over to Pudu to check out Keat Photo.. It was a darn awesome shop.. Real classic/oldskool/ antique look from the outside.. Looked a bit like the old abandoned shops in Malacca.. As I stepped in, I was like OOOHLALA!! They had a wide range of lens.. REALLY WIDE!!!! I’ve never seen so many dSLR lenses on display in a shop before.. They had many boxes piling up too.. And then it was the tripods and monopods.. Geesh.. A big bunch of them standing on the floor.. From short to tall.. They have it all.. Did what I am suppose to do.. (seek for the best camera deal..)..

Headed over to Sg. Wang.. Spend about 2 hours, entering almost every camera shop possible.. And as usual, sneaker shops as well.. Hahaha.. Just can’t help it.. Found the best deal.. Although I wasn’t really satisfied with it.. Collected a bunch of business cards and then headed over to Jalan Dungun to pick my sister up from her office..

Came home, and then went for a 3km jog.. Remember the challenge I mentioned? I was 26/28 as most of them had already started their run.. Today I finally did my run.. Finished 3.03km in 14minutes and 25seconds.. Awesome huh? For the first time with the Nike+, I ran at a quite constant pace, didn’t stop, neither I did walk.. It was a fun jog all the way.. Came home, uploaded the results, and yay.. I’m not 9th out of the 28.. Hahah.. The current leader finished his 3km run in 9 minutes  and 42 seconds..

Headed over to Damansara Village for some dinner with my colleague and some Microsoft Staffs.. Don’t even know what function they were having.. Simply crash just for food.. Hahaha.. Terrible?

Came home at about 10pm.. Chat with some dudes online and I started to realize my room is in a big mess.. Look at one of the 4 corners..

None of my shoes were cleaned and kept at it’s proper place after being worn… Geesh.. Not to mention my assignments are all over my table and also my bed.. Aaarghh.. So lazy to keep things organized..

So yea.. That’s all folks.. Sorry for the lack of update.. It was due to laziness, assignments, and not having a proper camera to snap photos to be posted here…

  1. rinachew says:

    Can I steal your whitey,presto and what’s the black shoes name again?

  2. jeff says:

    Try scouting around at BSC camera shops. They give a good price there.


  3. jeff says:

    Do not go to tarita as I could find shops that offer better price plus acces even after bargained.


  4. kinz says:

    Got mine from Boeing and I guess the deal is pretty decent.. Quite satisfied with it and thanks for your advice bout tarita.. will take note.. Thanks..

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