A Day in Pink..

Posted: 26 October, 2007 by kinz in Sneakers

Nope.. Not an entirely pink! I’m not so kinky..

You think its a Storm Trooper with a bandana? Think again..


It’s actually a T-shirt by B-Bots Defence System inc.. A group of guys which if I’m not mistaken from the States (or maybe Australia) who came with some robot X streetwear design tee.. Quite unique though.. They have the Autobots design where the Autobots wears his cap sideways.. Cool huh? This particular I just bought yesterday is the opening tee of Sole What? A sneaker X streetwear shop in The Gardens.. Quite a cool place for sneakerheads…

So I got them to match with these today..

Not very pink aye?

Thats all for now..

p/s: I’m loving those tee!

  1. WenY says:

    hey man! Where is the gardens???

  2. ea says:

    right next to mid valley. Haha that’s my tee, technically. Kinz hasn’t paid me back 😛

  3. allen says:

    wow clyde , dude where u buy ur laces ?

  4. WenY says:

    Lol icic so its more like a MV extension hehe! But damn sucksla MV always damn busy no parking@@#!

  5. kinz says:

    weny : yea.. gardens is d new part of mv.. mv is a part of crap.. so gardens is a part of new crap.. hahaha…

    ea: ahhaha.. will pay u back asap bro… gardens la.. takde atm…

    allen: nop they are not clydes.. they are suedes… got those laces from a push cart stall in 1u before they close down.. haaha.. only 1 buck per lace (that if you buy in 10..) cool huh? unfortunately they closed down already..

  6. rinachew says:

    Aiseh,I want to go Gardens too!

  7. allen says:

    oic , AHHHHHHHHHH WHY !!!! lol

  8. kinz says:

    rina : nola.. gardens not that great afterall..

    allen: wassup? what’s with that?

  9. cheez says:

    wehhH! that pair of pumas! ive been searching all over for that design but in white.. any idea how much they’re going for and where to get em?

  10. kinz says:

    they are cheap… white puma clydes/suedes/baskets? haven’t come across yet.. but u can try studio R or any Puma outlets (which is owned by Studio R anyway).. They are the authorized stockist for Puma’s in Malaysia… Retailing at about 239, I got mine at 10% discount early this year, now they are at 40-50% at most of the Studio R.. Colours are abit funky tho.. Hahaha.. Go go go!!!! Do it do it do it!!

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