Reasons to stay & eat at home..

Posted: 25 October, 2007 by kinz in At Random

As most of you know, I have sold my Canon Powershot S3is camera.. Of course I’m looking forward for a new one.. Have been saving really hard lately.. Eating at home saves a lot for me.. Hopefully I’ll be a step closer to my dSLR…

So yea.. That’s one good reason to eat at home..

Prawns for lunch! by my mum.. mmmmmHHHmmmm…

And yea.. Another addition to this boring blog post..

My Nike+ run few days ago..

Better than previously though.. Hehehe.. 3.03km in 16 minutes and 1 second..

I’m feeling impulsive.. Like extremely impulsive.. I placed an order for a pair of Nike Air Max 95 trainers online.. Should I say “DAMN!” or “YAY!” that my friend’s credit card had some problems with the online transaction.. It was at a relatively cheap price… At about USD$109, shipping costs about USD$30.. Which sums up to about Rm 470.. Pretty awesome!! It is cheaper than in our local retail.. The best thing is, you can’t get it at retail, even in the states I think… Anyway.. I made the right choice, stay away from sneakers for a while.. For that lil while, so I can save up on my dSLR.. Aarrghhh.. It is really killing me!

Guess that’s all for now.. Sorry for boring and non interesting blogpost.. Wait till I get my new camera which will take awhile more.. Till then.. Good night..

  1. rinachew says:

    If only there is cheese ontop,walalalala!

  2. kinz says:

    Thank god my mum never use cheese on my meals.. Or else.. Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn..

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