Posted: 23 October, 2007 by kinz in At Random, Sneakers

After the long raya break, class moves on as usual.. I failed my Engineering Maths for the last semester.. So I though I will have a resit this Wednesday.. However, as I reached college today, a friend of mine told me that the resit will begin in 30minutes time.. I was shaking tremendously.. Ran to the staff room and check for the schedule, Monday, Wednesday and Friday is meant for Engineering Maths, however, Wednesday and Friday is a different paper, meant for the senior students.. Holy cow! No choice, went in with a panicked face and a blank brain with the letter F on my Forehead.. So I did the paper, and I hope I will pass.. Or else I would have to repeat this particular module (which I really really really hate) at the end of the course.. Ugggh! How careless could I be… Real nuisance!

So yea.. Been busy for awhile, therefore didn’t update much.. Busy with assignments, work, and yea I’ve sold my wide lens converter to a lowyatnet forumer.. He seemed to be happy with it, and I hope he’ll keep it that way.. Have I mention that Faliq (the dude who bought my camera) now has a blog? Go cheq out his raya pictures!

It was pouring the whole day.. Even night before… Shut the Pc for a night, and ended up lacing my Air Max 95… And this is how it looks like..

Note the difference?

It was raining the whole day… Damn.. I was suppose to head out for a 3km run.. I’ve been challenged by jonming on Nike+.. The challenge is, fastest 3km run in 2 weeks.. Loser has to post his/her photo with underwear on their respective site.. Hahaha.. I really have to run!! and I am going to run tomorrow.. Hopefully..

And here’s one of the few assignments I’m doing..

One of the many parts drawn on AutoCAD.. Where is that from? It is actually the write-protect lock of a floppy disk..

Three parts down.. Two more to go.. Drawn the small items.. The clip door on the top of the floppy disk, the “disk” inside, and the switch which I drew not too long ago.. Need to seek some advice from my lecturer before I can draw the two covers.. Then I would need to compile the 5 items and show it as a proper floppy disk and stuff damn.. My eyes are going blind, measuring tiny items like this, especially that damn switch..

So yea.. I’m off to bed.. I have an early class, a normal timed class, and a late evening class tomorrow.. It’s gonna be a long day ahead.. Good night!

P/s.. Pictures are still captured with the old classic Olympus until I get my dSLR, which is like long more to go! So bare with the low quality pictures..

  1. ye says:

    “Loser has to post his/her photo with underwear on their respective site..”

    I hope u win!! =D

    because if not my eyes will suffer… hahahah. =p

    all the best for your Engineering Maths paper! =)

  2. kinz says:

    hahahah.. Juz ran 3km just now.. Will post my stats later.. hahaha… but the challenge haven’t start yet.. haihz.. engineering maths paper is hopeless edi.. hahaha.. so when u coming back? i mean exactly…

  3. ye says:

    don la so fast say hopeless… lol

    24th nov, exactly one month from today! whee! =D

    y leh, miss me leh… hehe! =p

  4. kinz says:

    ohh chehh.. so long more issit? d way u talk on ur blog, its like u coming back next week or so.. miss u? dun think so.. but i think u owe me money.. hehehe…

  5. ye says:

    i wrote “in a little more than a month” la… lol

    hahahah oh no u remembered… change of plans, dowan to go back aredi. hahaha. =p

  6. pat says:

    wa…nice autocad!! btw..i hope u lose..hehe…can’t wait to see you pose with ur Renoma *wink wink* XD

  7. kinz says:

    Owhh shit. From this post.. I can conclude that both patrick and waiee is not normal.. 1 is gay the other prolly lesbo… Weird….. Hahhahaha..

  8. ye says:

    lesbo!?!?!? since when?!?!?!

    no no no, u got it wrong. i know i’m hot enough that even lesbos may come after me, but i am still normal (sorry, girls). hahahah. 😉

  9. kinz says:

    w00t.. okayy.. we shouldn’t go on.. hahahaha..

  10. ye says:

    i agree. lol. =p

  11. pat says:

    what the heck.. =(

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