Raya, Beef Rendang and Lemang…

Posted: 18 October, 2007 by kinz in Family Occasions

First day of Raya was nothing but visiting a few of my parents’ friends.. It’s weird, but every house we stopped, we had to eat something.. And that something isn’t just anything, but something which is DAMN HEAVY!!!!! Damn.. I didn’t know that, by the time we left the first house, I was already bloated with Beef Rendang.. Slrrrps!! Awesome beef rendang prepared by one of my mum’s close friend.. We visit their family every year for Hari Raya.. Since, hmmm I was young.. The family stayed in Sg. Penchala, behind Mofaz along the LDP.. When I was young, I remember there was cows in front of their house… It was a wooden house, then they went to rebuild it, and it’s now a fully tiled brick house.. Last week, I spotted a freaking 52′ Plasma in the house.. Damn!!!  Anyway, her beef rendang never changed.. It was DAMNNNNNNNN GOOOOD!!! Didn’t have any picture of the food though..

Then later that day, headed over to my aunt’s place in Cheras.. It’s been awhile since I’ve been there as I’m busy working almost every weekend.. So yup.. Headed over to Cheras.. And then I spotted these..

See those lil bits? Don’t you think they look sweet? They are actually bitter!!

Bitter Gourd at my aunt’s backyard!!

Pictures above are still captured by the Old Olympus.. I hope it’s decent enough to fetch some comments..

And I may (or may not) be a bit busy for the moment.. So I may (or may not) be able to update this blog.. Due to college workloads and I’m working hard, earning for my dSLR.. Trust me I’m on an extreme saving mode!!

  1. ea says:

    Oh my gourd! like, gourd damnit!
    Hahaha. wth lah!

  2. kinz says:

    the hell!??! gourd damn it.. hahahah.. powerr!!

  3. ye says:

    hahaha i was gonna comment about the “oh my gourd” too!

    and did u actually eat those ‘lil bits’?? y on earth would u do that… lol

  4. kinz says:

    Nola.. That’s when it’s young. I think.. Those bits will grow to a Bigger Gourd..

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