It Served Me Well…

Posted: 11 October, 2007 by kinz in Gadget Related

Today.. I sold my Canon Powershot S3is… Sold it to a colleague of mine.. Faliq is his name and THIS is his new blog.. I really hope that he is satisfied with it… As I am struggling without a camera now.. TIME TO SAVE BRO!!! SAVE LOTSA CASH!!!!!!!


Next is this.. A wide lens converter with 58mm thread..

-0.5x Wide Converter..

Steel body and it’s made in Japan..

It works as a Macro filter as well.. It’s a 2 in 1 converter..

In order to mount it on your Powershot S2is/S3is/S5is model, you need to have the lens adapter..

Very solid build.. Steel as well.. *slight scratches on the camera mount end…

C’mon.. Hit me with your offers… Anything higher than RM300, it is yours!

And it looks really good on your Canon Powershot Professional Series (a.k.a the S series..) That was taken a few months ago..

All shots above were taken with this… And this will be my camera for a while until I get my dSLR… So guys.. Please help me raise my fund!!

Goodbye S3is.. You served me well for the pass 9 months.. Now it’s time to serve the new owner well..

  1. Rames says:

    Hey nice blog. I just got myself the same lens for my D50 from ebay :).

  2. kinz says:

    How much did you get your’s for? and thanks for dropping by.. Hehehe.. Your photographs are damn good!! Mind if you teach me.. Hahaha..

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