Friday Night Dinner…

Posted: 8 October, 2007 by kinz in Buds Meetups

Last Friday.. We had an early birthday celebration for Vincent @ Paris Restaurant, SS2.. So yea… Nothing much to say, besides having my pants wet from a cup of tea..

So yea.. My all time favorite!

Sweet & Sour Pork… Well knowned as Gou Lou Yok!!

Some fried squid..

And more not so pretty/handsome looking dishes, like a big fish, some vege, and beancurd..

The birthday cake..

The birthday boy..

And Brian thinks he can “blow” the candle with his nose… Yuck!!

And then,after dinner, went to Thiam Beng’s house.. Messed up his room with about 7-8 monkeys all around till late.. Really late..

  1. ye says:

    omgosh the food looks so. damn. good!!!!

    i miss malaysian food… 😦

    hahah i like the non-halal sign hahaha.

  2. st says:

    i’m not a monkey but a human! *blerh*………
    all the guys in the room are the monkeys. ;p

  3. kinz says:

    ye : yea.. so when you get back, remember to spend us dinner.. preferably local non-halal food.. hahahha…

    st: you’re the biggest monkey of them all la.. hahaha..

  4. pat says:

    did you use the macro lens? wa…the food looks tantalizing.. XD

  5. rinachew says:

    I love the first dish,anyway fine!
    I admit I lose to you,your pictures are better quality!
    You better come online because I have something pretty amusing to tell you
    You take care =)

  6. kinz says:

    pat : nope no macro. was zoomed from where i sat.. dish was right in the middle of the table..

    rina : hahaha… yeaman the first dish is WOWsome! wait la.. chill la.. we haven officially start our “competition” yet.. hahaha.

  7. lorddrew says:

    yum yum 😀 nice pics..

  8. Weny says:

    Ohh man!! Miss the food in Paris!!


    Paris res. is soooo C & G

  9. kinz says:

    andrew: hahaha.. we shall go there again…

    weny: i’ll send you more pictures of the food in Paris next time, so you can fantasize them… hahaha.. C & G?? I suppose Cheap and Good?

  10. pat says:

    C and G = con and gross. =P

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