Camwhore to a whore new level…

Posted: 1 October, 2007 by kinz in Random Snapshots

So yea… Camwhore to a whole whore new level… With these…

I set this up, earlier this evening for….. fun.. yea.. Just for fun..

So yea.. It was fun due to camwhoring to another whole new level..

So yea.. It was proper camwhoring…

This was the initial plan.. To do motion pictures.. Not really motion pictures, but combination of similar pictures into a single frame..

And yea.. You might be wondering what so fun about it…

Click here for more.. Not appropriate to be displayed on the main page.. Heheheh..

Yea.. This was the fun-ny part… I grabbed my parent’s reading glasses.. And did something really stupid..

Call me at 1800-Dial-A-Geek..

Hahaha.. So you think that face is funny? Couple of days ago, there’s this dude who inquire about the job offered at my work place.. And trust me.. He looked exactly like that and he looked really annoying…

So that’s all folks.. That’s a revolution to camwhoring.. Camwhoring in an organized light tent/studio and camwhoring in RAW format.. Hahahaha.. Damn.. This is a “DAMN BLOODY FUCKING POSER” blog post.. Ciao!

  1. ea says:

    You gonna be a fukin camwhore lah nih! Hahaha.
    Or u tolong illegal immigrants buat passport and IC photos.

  2. pat says:

    wa..handsome siot!! ehehe when are u free for me to take portrait for u

  3. kinz says:

    ea : bastord! but damn… you were right anyway.. hahaha.. nak ke? passport photo? if ur student id tak hensem.. aku boleh tolong tukar hensem sikit..

    pat: hahaha.. wtf…. i sense sarcasm.. hahahaha.. nevermind.. i can take portrait myself.. hahaha.. and it’s really fun… ooops…

  4. pat says: u honesty u take it as sarcasm.. =( haha..joking..i was being frank la..quite handsome wert.. =D

  5. Emily T says:

    HAHAHA. Can i camwhore at your studio too?

    Pat, why never ask me?! I can be your portrait model!

  6. kinz says:

    patty : so how now? i hafta take ur words honestly? duwan la.. so yea, where to go? nice place to take portrait..hmmm…

    em : my studio? i can bring it to anywhere u want… its a foldable studio… and pat already got his portrait model… *wink wink*.. wahahhahahah…

  7. pat says:

    i just take in both la.. =P

  8. ye says:

    ARGH MY EYES!! MY EYES!! x.x

    Hahahahahah… crap wei, now u’re camwhoring in a “studio” pula… hahaha one level higher than normal camwhoring… hahah i wanna camwhore at ur studio too!! =p

  9. rinachew says:


  10. pat says:

    i got better pictures of u, kinz!! =P i know what you did this evening. XD

  11. kinz says:

    ye : hahaha… yeaman… we have to improvise! ahahah.. wawawa.. everybody wanna come my house to camwhore.. i need to start charging… today patty juz came.. hahahahha….

    rina : !?!?! w00t…..

    pat : hahahaha… shhhh.. shhh…

  12. st says:

    look like apek oni…….muahahahha…. :p

  13. pat says:

    aiyo..why mention that i came by ur house.. =S

  14. ea says:

    OMG You two were gaying at his house kan? Siap ada photoshoot. Hah! Nasib I tak ikut. đŸ˜›

  15. kinz says:

    st : hahaha.. then i shall be the first camwhoring apek..

    pat : what the hell.. the way you say that.. like damn gay wiehhh.. hahaha.. damn wrong weiii..

    ea : that wan lagi wrong weihhhh…

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