Butterflies, Dragonflies, and everything else that flies..

Posted: 28 September, 2007 by kinz in Random Snapshots

What about things that flies? Well.. Had 5 hours of sleep last night, woke up and headed down town with em(an & ily).. I mean eman & emily.. Reason for going to Sg.Wang was because she wanted to swap her memory card.. Anyway…………….. We barely spend 2 hours there.. Then we headed over to the Butterfly Farm….

Both of them that is… From Macro to Tele, bending down and tipping our toes, getting every perfect angle possible..

I guess she’s macro-ing some flowers as she’s afraid of butterflies, dragonflies, and everything else that flies.. Hahaha..

Butterfly #1.. Polka Dotty..

Butterfly # 2..

Butterfly # 3…

Butterfly # 4…

Butterfly # 5..

Butterfly # 6..

Butterflies # 7… Tiffany Color way butterflies..

The only flowers for today..

Dragonfly # 1..

Dragonfly # 2..

Dragonfly # 3…

Dragonfly # 4…


After spending almost 2 hours at the butterfly farm.. We roamed around that area, and ended up at the National Bird Park..

Bird # 1..

Bird # 2.. Don’t you think this bird looked extremely bitchy? With the vivid red and all.. Damnnn..

Bird # 3… Even birds do get emo sometimes..

Bird # 4.. Quack Quackk…

Bird # 5.. Hahaha..

Bird # 6.. Finally.. Just when my memory card was about to be full.. This dude vibrates.. HARD.. Really hard!

That’s all for today’s Butterfly Farm & Bird Park… Constructive comments and critics are always welcomed…

Now I shall enjoy eating my cheezels and watch some series before I doze off.. Good night!

  1. ea says:

    Daymnnn you and you’re butterfliessssss! Hahaha.

    And who’s that person in red with the crumpler beg? Damn sexy weih. Jejaka idaman!

  2. Emily T says:

    Haha why do I always get so much airtime on your blog one! I look sucky in the pic, please take it down =(

    Anyway, the lovebirds/lamppost picture is so funny!

    Love the Tiffany butterflies.

    And what is coming out from the geese’s nostril?!

    But nice pictures, good job! Thought you would have more.

  3. kinz says:

    ea: ohh.. thats some faggot.. u don’t need to know.. hahahah…

    em: hahahaha… tenkiu tenkiu… shud have more.. deleted lotsa bird park pictures.. they really suck.. u didn’t notice those feather/cotton/hair thingy out of their nostrils? we were talking bout it yesterday.. hahaha..

  4. ea says:

    Ala. he looks dreamy. Hahahaha.

  5. rinachew says:

    Yeah,what is that thing coming out from that quak’s nostrils?
    They just intercourse or what? I likey your quaks,your parrot and your tortoise

  6. kinz says:

    ea : u like lorrr… hahaha.

    rina : intercourse with the nose wan mehh? didn’t know that… and thnx.. eman’s birdshot wayy better la… i deleted so many bird shots simply because they were kinda screw up..

  7. pat says:

    Very nice photos. I enjoy the humor in the “lamp post” photo. hehe.. I personally like the dragonfly #1. It’s sharp and vibrant!! =)

    But sadly, you guys didn’t ajak me. =(

  8. ea says:

    It was a spontan punyer visit la boss. Takpe next time sure got one.

  9. kinz says:

    pat : thank you braderr.. and yea it was really spontaneous… yea yea like ea said.. sure got next time… chill la bro..

  10. pat says:

    =( *merajuk face*

  11. rinachew says:

    No lah!
    As in when they do it,the feather here and there

  12. kinz says:

    pat : don’t like that la… =| ‘guilty face’

    rinachew : hahaha.. u and ur imaginations.. go study for spm la.. then we go ber-photo together gether.. go go go.. hahhaha.. den u can imagine all kind of craps u want.. do it do it do it…

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