Dreaming Big..

Posted: 24 September, 2007 by kinz in At Random, Random Snapshots

Eversince high school, I had an aim.. Okay.. Maybe 3 aims.. To get a 4 wheeler at the age of 17, to change to a better one at 21 and to get a house by the age of 25.. Well… Possible? Maybe not.. Thanks to my parents, I reached the first aim, although it was later by a couple of months.. Anyways.. Working on the second one.. Yea some of you guys might think I’m just day dreaming.. Well.. Who cares…

Anyways… I’m on my final week of “an almost a month term break”.. First week was bumming around at home, and second week was purely working.. This time it is a lil different.. Instead of forcing myself to get off the bed at 10.30am and head to work by 12pm, I wake up at a comfortable time, and head over to work before 3pm.. Feels so much better.. Sleeping time remains at 4am.. Heheheh..

It was a cokey day for me..

Just had sudden crave for coke.. Don’t ask why…

For the other GeeKs… It was a rolling week.. They’d been rolling their own ciggarettes.. From strawberry to wildberry flavoured ones.. They have all kinda berries, besides Blackberry devices and Halle Berry..

It is definitely bad for health!

It definitely kills..

So yea.. Here I am blogging from my workplace.. Bored as hell. Stay tune for more updates!

  1. ye says:

    Lol all the best for your aims!!

    If u don’t spend so much on sneakers and cameras all the time, i think u might be able to reach ur 21-year-old aim… hahah. but the house at 25… hmmm haha good luck la that wan. hehe.

    remember to invite me for the house warming. 😉

  2. kinz says:

    Funny arr you… House warming your head arr!! Haven’t even achieve 2nd one, you’re thinking of house warming… w00t… *speechless..*

  3. rinachew says:

    Oh man,I am still curious on how to take fag’s smoke

  4. ea says:

    Ask kinz to smoke and you’ve got a fag’s smoke. 😛 HAhahahah

  5. kinz says:

    rinachew: curious? go n try! hahaha.. well that’s the only way to solve it..

    ea: u bloody fag!

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