Posted: 21 September, 2007 by kinz in At Random

Yay.. Finally the old yucky looking blog is gone…

This is my first time starting a photoshop project from scratch.. Usually I only photoshop photographs.. Just by modifying it.. Never in my life I started from a blank canvas.. This is officially the first.. Ooops.. I’m saying the blog header, in case you guys didn’t realize..

Some of my favorite pictures of my own sneakers..

And some of my favorite photographs I snapped..

So yea.. I know the film angle is kinda off, I’m too lazy to figure out how to correct that.. I think I have to do some skewing.. Ahhh.. skRew it.. Anyway.. Constructive critics and comments are welcomed..

  1. Emily T says:

    WOW nice nice!!!

    Very clean looking with a dash of personality!

  2. WenY says:

    hei man:P Dashin new look eh? Nice work

  3. ea says:

    Nice. Hahahaa. Tak frustrated sgt eh? *Not enough memory* lol

  4. lohjonming says:

    fuiyooooooooo basket

  5. ye says:

    Lol would u kill me if i said i liked the pics in your blog entry better than the header? =p the pics in the film in the header so small la, hard to see…

  6. kinz says:

    Wahhh.. This is the best morning ever.. Okay.. Maybe not so morning.. I just got up.. and WAHHHH so many comments.. Hahahha.. A very good start of the day..

    em & weny : thanks… =)

    ea : yealar, tak frus lagi… i realized it won’t take up so much memory if u don’t save ur work.. just do all at a go, but abit risky.. hahahaha… anyways… yea i finished this quite fast… not long after u went offline i finished… hahahah.. yay!

    jomi : hahaha.. what shud i say to u? i’ve been called a basket.. hmmm.. thank you… hahahhaha…

    ye : coz the header got specific size.. i cannot make it bigger.. haiyohh.. what to do.. lousy wordpress..

  7. ye says:

    i juz realised u have a “Who am I?” page. hahah i like the way you made it, with all the pics. especially the ones u posing with ur cousin. haha. =)

    cheh y ur replies got special box colour wan. lol.

  8. kinz says:

    yealar.. i oso realize i got a special box.. hahhhahaha.. special huh? hahaha.. i’m special kwa.. haahhah.. tq tq.. i think u are the first to read the “who am i” page…

  9. Hakimi says:

    Yo bro.. nice layout..


  10. kinz says:

    Thanks bro.. But cannot be compared to yours..

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