A birthday, a sword and some posers..

Posted: 16 September, 2007 by kinz in Buds Meetups, Sneakers

Went down town with Terence & Eman on Friday..

Terence picked up a pair of Court Force Koinobori Pack and Eman picked up some battery grip for his camera.. I picked up some coins and eventually went to the beggar’s cup.. Both Terence & Eman went home home happily and I went home full with jealousy..

Rocked these beauties to town and for dinner.. Terence with his bandaids in the background.. Taking such picture may cause serious back ache!

Then rushed home as Eman was eager to BUKA… Buka Puasa it is.. And I have to head over to Section 14 for SiewYen’s birthday dinner… So yea, I made it through the heavy traffic..

Woohoo!! It’s my birthday.. Yea rite.. At least I wish it was.. Hahaha.. It’s SiewYen’s birthday..

Many other dudes just didn’t turn up.. Well it was a good thing, as the drivers for the night were all ladies.. It was a damn good news for me as I was really tired of driving due to heavy traffic in town earlier that day..

After dinner headed over to Michelle’s house, for awhile..

While waiting…..

Sueh Lung spotted a SWORD… Yup.. A SWORD!! Not a toy, neither it’s plastic..

Some conversation…

Sueh Lung : Is that a sword?
Michelle : Yup it is…
Sueh Lung : Can I play?
Michelle : No..
Sueh Lung : Aiyak!
Kinz : Is it sharp?
Sueh Lung went to touch and said : No!

Cze Wien arrives..

Cze : A sword? Can we take picture with it?
Michelle : Yea but becareful, it’s my dad…

And then……

Started la..

Lack of attention?

For those who google for cze wien everyday and somehow got to my blog..
Here I present you “Cze-na The Warrior Princess!!”

A lil bit of drama..

Some cosplay dude striking a pose..

After that, headed over to SKY Cafe and met up with Karl Son… Michelle, SookTeng and Cze Wien were not that cinderella that night, stayed till 1am talkin nonsense.. Thanks to Michelle the soon to be Formula 1 driver, I got home safely.. Hahaha.. Then, dozed off at about 2am..

Work today.. So nothing much to blog, besides having dinner at Medan Selera Uptown, with some current and ex-Geeks.. I’m going off now.. Good night!

  1. st says:

    I’m the first to comment! YAY
    The drama looks really real wei but den sl like very poser…hahaha :p

  2. kinz says:

    Hahaha.. All also damn poser la. Hahahah.. I hope Michelle’s dad won’t surf blogs and end up here seeing his sword in so many others’ hands.. Hahahah..

  3. ea says:

    Hahahaha! Cze-Na! Wowsome!

  4. pat says:

    wooo…the sword is dam cool!!!

  5. kinz says:

    ea : hahah.. cze-na owning!

    pat : yeaman the sword is cool.. we should go there again.. hahaha..

  6. ye says:

    Yay! i liked reading about Siew’s bday & wat u all did, n seeing all the pics… although it makes me abit 😦 hahah… i like the last 4 pics haha, the blade pic is cool, and the drama pic is damn poser! hahah. =)

  7. kinz says:

    Oi.. Only last 4? Not last 5 meh? What bout me? 😥

  8. ye says:

    Haha urs ah… ok ok onli la… hahah =p

    Well, if it’s any consolation, i like the one where u get stabbed… it’s like a dream come true… hahaha 😉

  9. kinz says:

    Don’t come back from Australia.. Stay there… I’ll make sure you’ll get even more jealous with more outings to come… Hmph!

  10. Cze Wien says:

    Cze-Na… not funny… You are so gonna get it! You didn’t seek approval first. I can SUE… hahahaa… Anyways, at least the picture sort of jadi. The effort to not laugh paid off 🙂 still a bit cacat but okay 🙂 See ya soon… Cheers Kin-Na!!!

  11. kinz says:

    Hahahaha… Cze-Na.. I damn like that.. Rhymes really well.. Hahahah.. Wanna go to michelle’s house ber-posing again? Hahahah..

    Sue me? Hmmm… I got approval to take a picture of you.. That picture belongs to me.. It’s my composition.. Hmmm.. Sue me? I don’t think so… Well at least I think that way.. Hahahhaah..

  12. Canon Freak says:

    hey! great shots with the panorama and HDR! i didn’t know that an S5 shoots in RAW?

  13. kinz says:

    Thanks.. And no it’s not an S5..It’s an S3.. Shot with raw with the HDK Firmware tweak..

  14. rinachew says:

    banyaknya bulu

  15. kinz says:

    Hmmmm.. Should I say thank you? Or should I curse at you? Hahaha.. Just kidding.. Nola I don’t think that’s considered a lot.. Unless you’re trying to be sarcastic..

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