Yang bids farewell..

Posted: 10 September, 2007 by kinz in Buds Meetups, Random Snapshots

So… It was Kah Yang’s farewell party on Friday… Headed One-U to pick up some stuffs (will be up in the next post) and had lunch with Terence.. Then headed to Yang’s place…

What I rocked today? Will get the picture from eman.. I messed up my picture..

Had some food and lotsa talking with some “long time no see/talk/hear/smell/touch friends… (touch and smell is kinda wrong though..) Anyway… Yea.. Had lotsa fun meeting up with some old buddies and even meeting up with some new friends..

There he goes…

Headed over to KTZ at ss2 after Yang’s party..

Cheqout my chopsticks…It was 3 in a pack.. And cheqout the car on the left most of the picture.. It is a freaking Lamborghini Gallardo.. Although some said it’s a Murcielago.. The lights look like a Gallardo though.. Anyway… It’s still a freaking Lamborghini…

Weekend has arrived…

RHB bank had some credit card promo/fair/exhibition on one of the concourse area.. They invited some of the Ikon Malaysia’s to perform..

So on day 1..

OAG performed for about 15-20 minutes… Then there were Jaclyn Victor, Daniel and Mus (some cap kapak dude..)

Day 2…

Flop Poppy performed for about 20 minutes too.. (and then it was Ezlynn and 2 other performers which I don’t know who the hell are they..)

Twelve Optical zoom is great… Those two pictures were taken while I was working.. I was at 2nd floor.. and the performance was held at Ground floor..

And this is how it looks like without zoom..

And then after work on Sunday night.. Headed over to Damansara Seafood Village for dinner in conjunction of my sister’s birthday..

Guess that’s it for now.. Till then.. Goodnight!

  1. ye says:

    At first I tot of commenting “Thanks for blogging about the farewell so at least I can read about it since I couldn’t be there”

    … But now, SIGH, i read is like I never read liddet, never tell me anythin also!! Hahah. Haiyo! =p

  2. WenY says:

    hei kinz, what camera you using???

  3. pat says:

    got gig tak bagi tahu.. =(

  4. kinz says:

    ye: damn lazy la.. i got damn lil pix…

    weny: not n73 la… dun tease me… canon powershot s3is..

    pat: wat gig?

  5. allen says:

    LOL ZHEN QUAN !!!!small world

  6. kinz says:

    allen – u know zhen quan? ahahah.. yeaman small world..

    pat – yeaman. oag rocks!!

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