Dooms Day..

Posted: 29 August, 2007 by kinz in Random Snapshots

Exams are closing in.. Once again it is the time to nerd… (picked this up from zhansheng I think..) Not like I always nerd even if exams are coming.. This time it is different, guess what? I woke up at 1pm and I head over to college library at around 1.30pm.. Ohh great.. Once I was about to step out of the house.. It poured.. Even the weather didn’t believe I was about to go library…

Headed over to college library and went to study alone.. The reason why I choose to study at the library was to get away from the PC and food and other distractions at home.. My college library is the best.. (Even the chick.. I mean there is no chick there to even distract you.. Cool huh? Not at all times..

Got home at about 5pm.. Before reaching home, the clouds looked very dramatic.. Went for a car ride to snap some photos.. As soon as I found a clear spot.. Took out my rig.. It says “Please Change The Batteries”.. GOSHH!!! Went home took another set of nearly empty batteries.. And managed to snap 1 RAW photo..

The day I head to the library, is world’s dooms day… (My first HDR from RAW format..)

  1. pat says:

    i dun want the word to end so fast la..I’m too young to die. Haven’t experience sex then dooms day.. =(

    anyway..nice photo! kudos!!

  2. Jeffrey says:

    RAW pic.

    Must be a very big file i guess?
    What diff have u seen so far between RAW and the others?


  3. kinz says:

    pat… yea you and sex…

    jeff… for raw images.. you’re allow to the processing and not the camera that does the processing.. you can do adjustment on the brightness/contrast, hue/saturation, white balance and alot more by photoshop.. Where jpeg, once processed by the camera it’s sort of final.. When you photoshop on jpeg, certain details will be lost.. Big file? Yea.. The picture above is 7.9MB.. Hahahah..

    Maybe ea can clarify more.. Am I right? hahaha..

  4. ea says:

    Jeff, RAW (if you have enough space and processing power) is the best way to shoot photographs. The ability to truly post process your pictures is the real benefit or RAW images. Pros shoot in RAW because they can tweak the images down to the tiniest bit to their liking. You can control exposure values, white balance, temperatures and much much more with a good RAW editor.

    Photoshop is good, but there is a bunch of dedicated software out there to really process RAW files. Adobe’s Lightroom Camera RAW, Apple’s Apperture, and other programs like LightZone are dedicated RAW editors that give you full control over your pictures.

    Regarding file size, RAW on my 400d takes up about 10.x MB per file, which is not exactly big, but not small either. Gives me bout 180 pics per 2GB.

  5. ea says:

    woops. aperture, not apperture*

  6. kinz says:

    Ea says it all… What software u use to process ur RAW? And do u process it before you process to HDR or do adjust the settings in HDR?

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