Kiara Park again..

Posted: 21 August, 2007 by kinz in Random Snapshots

Today, went to Kiara Park for some photographs again.. This time, it was slightly different..

See what’s the difference? This time with Patrick and Eman was with his new EOS 400d..

Green is fresh!

This time I learned my lesson… Use auto-focus.. Hahahaha.. So much better than the previous one..

Gigantic ants again..

Kids playing at the smaller waterfall..

Hahaha.. This should be my photo of the day..

Spotted some a big bunch of monkeys.. And I just learned how to put balloon texts on Photoshop..

Monyet yang sedang berkelah..

A not so white pigeon..

WAHHH!! Damn too much right? Hahahha…

  1. Jeffrey says:

    u were there?!
    I was there at kiara too.
    Was jogging and saw 3 fellows taking pics and my 1st tot was…you must be one of them..but i just couldnt recognise u:)

    oh, sorry tht i commented on the wrong post:)


  2. rinachew says:

    Hmmmmph! haaah!

  3. kinz says:

    jeff.. Strange.. But its true that I saw a guy, and I thought it’s you.. Saw you a couple of times.. With glasses and a girl right? Hahahah..

  4. Jeffrey says:

    yes, thts me! haha…was with my childhood good friend of mine:)
    Well, perhaps we should meet up b4 i leave for overseas to share some opinions! 🙂

  5. kinz says:

    Ohhh. You’re leaving.. Where to? and when?
    Ahhh.. I thought your girl or something.. Hahahah..

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