Shots for a Short update..

Posted: 16 August, 2007 by kinz in Random Snapshots

I’d been really busy lately.. Loads of college work and busy at work..  So here’s a short update..

Assignment which was assessed yesterday.. It’s actually a small device where you use the 3 switches to set a string of binary numbers and the circuit will transmit the data to the PC via the parallel port (LPT) and then the program that we wrote will convert the binary to decimal number.. The decimal number will then be transmitted back to the circuit and will be displayed on the 7-segment-display.. (the gray box which is out of focus area..) It is a group assignment..

One of my group member had a funny/rude/loud conversation with the lecturer because he was partially angry when accused for copying..

Lecturer: Why is your program so similar with the other groups?
Friend : Why not? We got it from the example and notes you gave..
Lecturer: Still it cannot be 100% the same..
Friend: Who ever said our program is 100% the same? It is only similar..
Lecturer: Are you sure?
Friend: Yes ofcourse.. If it is exactly the same.. I THIOKKKKKK (while slamming the table)
Lecturer and other classmates laughed.. Then he checked and said, yea it is a bit different..

I never read books.. Besides these sneaker related books and some school text/reference books (and that is done when needed)

Sometimes I do enjoy reading magazines like these though.. Story books? Novels? Nahhh…

Alright.. That’s the end of a short update.. See you soon and please drop by again soon..

That’s the url, if you forgot.. Bye!


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