Mini Studio..

Posted: 9 August, 2007 by kinz in Gadget Related, Sneakers

After college, I came home and showed my dad something I wanted to make.. It’s called a light tent and I got information from the net… Basicleey ( style) it’s the same as a light box, just that this is not a box, more like a tent, as you only construct the frame and throw a white cloth over it.. My dad got the idea and brought me to the hardware store to buy some materials, we got PVC pipes (lots of them) wires and some bulb holder..

After awhile constructing the frame, I figured I should OVERSPEND this month by buying two of those RM19 energy saver light bulbs.. So we went around looking for the most suitable one.. From Ss2 all the way to Uptown D’sara.. We covered all the DIY stores in ss2 but still couldn’t find the suitable one.. Got the stuffs.. And he helped me fixed up the lights.. Woohoo.. It’s great.. Now I’m just lack of the white sheet..

This is how it looks like in action..

And some photos I taken..

My Hollands Air Force 1..

My beloved Air Force 1 Invisible Woman..

And the Air Force 1 Seamless..

As you can see the background is kinda crumbled because I’m using Mahjong paper thanks to JonMing(JoMi) for his idea.. But this is only temporary..

Achelllly ( style again) the reason why I started photography was because I always wanted to take good pictures of my sneakers.. Now, I’m into photography because I just wanna take good pictures, I’m satisfied with the pictures of my sneakers for now.. Until I have a new pair.. Hahaha.. Which I will not have until God knows when.. Ugggh!!

So yea.. That’s all about my Mini Studio and big thanks to my dad for helping me with this…

  1. ea says:

    Shit damn cun. Damn racun. I want the keychain weih! Shoes.. well.. pakai gi pasar kot. 😛

  2. pat says:

    eh kinz…can do me a favour? Try with flash lowest output and put it like 1-2 secs exposure with F8.0 aperture. The flash can minimize the mahjong paper texture. I think la..have to experiment. =)

  3. kinz says:

    pat.. I tried.. But not with F8.0.. There’s some reflection on the shoe.. and it looks very harsh la.. As usual la.. I’d rather use the lights, and extremely slow shutter speed, since the object is not moving.. and use a tripod/leave d camera on d floor..

    ea.. u idiot… trying to say the keychain more racun than my holy grails?!?!

  4. ea says:

    Best is get an external flash, eh? Hahaha. Guna optical slave. Sigma makes cheap slave flashes. Well, relatively cheap, compared to the canon speedlite series. *Cough*.

    And yes, I find your keychain more racun! But if I could pick a shoe from the three, I’d choose the Hollands. You punya invisible punya whitebalance off skit la boss.

  5. kinz says:

    Best is use slow shutter on super steady condition.. Hahahah.. Tu baru natural.. Hahahha..

    Keychain.. hahaha. wait la.. i will take more photos after i complete my light tent.. Gonna replace d mahjong paper with cloth..

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