Some Snapshots from the Park..

Posted: 6 August, 2007 by kinz in Random Snapshots, Sneakers

Went to Kiara Park (a.k.a the Taman Tun park) to snap some photos.. (Will upload more later.. )

What I rock today..

Nike Dunk SB (Spanish Moss) on the rock by the waterfall..


What will you see at the park? Definitely lotsa flowers..

Faded violet flowers..

Very unique Onion rings look alike flower..

They were everywhere..

And I simply love them..

Damn vivid right? Trust me, it wasn’t photoshop-ed neither any camera tricks, it was really bright!!

Awesome isn’t it?!?!

And other random sight of the park..

HDR of the park..


Dragon Fly.. (not as nice as eman’s)

Still cannot be compared to his..

Ant’s at work.. I know you ladies out there wanna have waist like them.. Don’t you think it’s a lil bit too fragile?

The waterfall..

And the waterfall… Ooops.. Did I say that twice?

And left for home before sunset..

Comments & Critics are welcome.. Still in the learning process..

  1. ea says:

    Fuh dah letak dah. So fast.

  2. kinz says:

    One only.. Wait wait.. More to come… Where’s yours? Hahaha..

  3. ye says:

    Lol! Onion-ring lookalike pula! hahaha… but really nice pics! =)

  4. pat says:

    kanineh…tak ajak ni.. TUT!! =) Anwyays..nice pics to both ea and Kinz

  5. rinachew says:

    Nice there,brother yummmmy!
    Bring me there too one day!

  6. rinachew says:

    Ah,you gave me an idea to snap nature for one photo contest,thanks

  7. ea says:

    Damn I didn’t take enough pics of the onion rings lol.

  8. kinz says:

    Hahaha.. Wahhhh… So many comments.. YAY!!

    ye : thanks and it really looks like onion rings marrr… don’t you think so? not those fried onion rings but those onions you find inside your burger..

    pat : hahaha.. thanks.. i thought of ajak-ing you at first, but it was spontaneous and not planned.. hahahah.. next time k.. eyes of malaysia la bro.. that’s still on top of my list.. not in the carriage but taking it from the lake..

    rina : thanks.. sureee… just make sure u don’t emo while taking photos.. hahaha.. just kidding.. ehhh let us join the photo contest la.. ahahhah.. sharing is caring… hahaaha…

    ea : wakakaka.. i got bout 7-8 shots of oniong rings.. crap.. i keep typing it as oniong instead of onion…

  9. ea says:

    Dont lie la. I know you wanna take pat up there in the carriage. And then god knows what, maybe do a video or something. HAhahahaha.

    Jom! Wednesday, if I’m free, if you’re free. We watch itu fireworks n shit at EOM

  10. kinz says:

    Wtf.. hahaha.. I think from d carriage the pix not so nice.. Just to look at the scenery of kl only.. Pat prolly went with his gf/bf edi la.. Hahahha.. Wednesday cannot la bro.. Busy.. Next week or something you still free?

  11. ea says:

    Tengok schedule lol. Next week college starts. And I didn’t mean tmr lol. Just some Wednesday. Actually Wed – Sat they got the shows. So yeah. Jom! Gosh my finger is itchy.

  12. pat says:

    wtf!!! I belum naik itu mata yet la… and eman, i won’t do anything with him la..i dun like skinny boys.. hehe =P lets go KLpac!!

  13. kinz says:

    Damn.. Ya’ll damn gay arrr.. KLpac? what’s happening? You mean the arts and centre thingy near the Eyes Of Malaysia? I dun think I wanna naik the Eyes Of Malaysia.. Suddenly the carriage u naik got bird shit cannot take pictures, or the carriage is dusty.. Damn potong stim.. I rather if it’s open.. but that will be damn scary.. Hahahah..

  14. Emily T says:

    My favourite is pic #7! Send me the original, wanna put as my wallpaper thanks. But I don’t understand why you guys refer it to onion rings? Do the flowers even look like onions? Hmm.

    Anyway, Patrick and co.! I wanna go to KLPac too! The park and pond and swing and vast space there is really beautiful.

    From the carriage of the Ferris wheel memang can’t see alot. Cos it’s not high enough. But just capturing the ferris wheel when it’s actually lighted up against the night backdrop is already worth the while.

  15. pat says:

    haha…alright, if we are going, we will sure ask you to tag along.. =)

  16. Jeffrey says:

    Hey there.

    I hope you don mind that i linked u. I see that you use 300D. I m using 400D. I also see that both of us are learning to take pics:) so i hope we can and will exchange comments for each other’s pics. I am new:) just got mine couple of months ago. Thankz:)


  17. kinz says:

    em: wahhh send u the originals? hmmm…. will consider..

    pat: yeaman.. lets go lets go.. find more peeps.. it should be fun..

    jeff: hi.. sure i don’t mind that you linked me, in fact i’m happy.. yup I noticed you have a 400d and your pictures are good.. much to learn from you.. sadly i’m not using an eos300d.. the eos300d in the picture belongs to a friend of mine.. I only had 3 shots from the 300d on this blog.. i’m only using a prosumer’s camera, the canon powershot s3is… i hope we still can share our experience on our same interest.. hopefully you don’t mind sharing with an amateur photographer.. anyway good to hear from you…

  18. rinachew says:

    too bad,that contest is only for SECONDARY KIDS by Malaysia of Education

  19. ea says:

    Kinz jom we go back to school. Form 5 again. But i dont wanna sit for spm lol.

  20. kinz says:

    Aaarrghhh!!! Damnit.. Why during our time we don’t have such contest? and why didn’t I have a camera back then?

  21. ea says:

    daymnnn man 22 comments already. this has to be your most successful post yet. lol

  22. kinz says:

    Yupedeee.. It has gotta be!!! But looks like it’s dying edi… Hahahha..

  23. kinz says:

    Wahhhhh.. Damn pro!!

  24. suehlung says:

    got other pix oso.. but gotta go cari inside..

  25. kinz says:

    Damn alot of pix la.. Lazy to go thru.. hehehe..

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