It’s an F-day..

Posted: 3 August, 2007 by kinz in At Random

Today.. A Friday.. Suppose to go out to shoot some Fotos (photos) and it was Fcuked due to the heavy downpour.. Another Fcuked up Fotography Friday.. Two weeks ago, on another Friday, was suppose to head over to some parks to take photos as well, but it was ruin due to laziness… Today.. It’s the weather!! Aaarrrgh!!!

So there’s nothing much to blog about today.. So eff-ing potong stim.. Fuck!

Here’s a notice I found in college.. Most of my tags were covered with white paints already, except for the one in basement.. Hahaha.. They only notice the tags about a year after.. Hahaha.. Well.. Shhhh… and I shall stop tagging for the moment..

  1. ea says:

    I’m telling I’m telling! HAHAHAHA! 😛

  2. kinz says:

    Shhhharrtupp!!! Shhhh…

  3. rinachew says:

    So,no more f0r you naughty boy!

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