A bit of self-portrait..

Posted: 1 August, 2007 by kinz in Random Snapshots

No fancy photographs lately.. I didn’t know where to point my camera at?

I just cannot resist the smell of Dead Stock shoes.. Geesh.. Fresh from the box!! The leather so fresh, you wanna lick it!! When I’m gonna break into these Seamless? Still undecided..

Found out that there are pretty good vignetting under my hoody and if I place my nose near the lens where the flash cannot reach… Woohoo..

So I decided put a lil anger into it, and act as though I’m a ninja in action.. “HAK HOO HAR HAAAAK!!”
(note all the black stuff in both pictures were just shadows)

Ever wondered how a strike on the lighter would look like if they were photographed?

Isn’t it beautiful? Now you don’t have to wait for any celebration to witness fireworks.. Just strike a lighter, you’ll get approximately 0.015 seconds of a firework..

And a slower one.. Cool huh.. I was playing with the lighter and suddenly the idea came up.. (please note that I’m not a ciggy puffer.. but playing with fire is fun! Don’t believe me? Go try yourself AT HOME!!)

  1. ea says:

    Heyyy I tried the lighter thing. How the ef? It keeps on getting blur, or i take at the wrong moment. Tried manual, tried timer, all tak jadi.

  2. kinz says:

    Wakakak… Memang kena ada skill nihh.. Hahahhaha… Click your camera first, then only strike the lighter.. The photo must be snapped by the time you hit the gas valve… Keep trying bro.. Hahahha… I got my first on fluke, was suppose to take a still flame, then I got it.. Hahahah.. Then keep on trying.. It’s fun!!

  3. rinachew says:


  4. Emily T says:

    WAH I wonder how the pictures will turn out if i use your cam to photograph the fireworks competition hehehhe. =P Surely gonna blow your camera lens off!

  5. kinz says:

    Well.. If it’s me.. Ofcourse it will be nice. But if it’s you.. I’m not so sure.. Hahahahah.. Geesh.. Dunno if I can afford to neglect my studies for a night (which probably I won’t study) to go or not.. Finals are in a month time.. Geeesh..

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