Dada Daa Daa Dadadada… (Simpsons Theme)

Posted: 28 July, 2007 by kinz in Random Snapshots

Yup.. I watched Simpsons today.. Well.. I will get to that later..

Am I allergic to air conditioner or what? Whether it’s at college or in my room.. I’ll sneeze and have flu until the air-cond is turned off..

This was what one of my classmates did during lab… Instead of hooking the wires into the circuit fromt he PC’s parallel port, he made his own Wire-Bots…

It has been raining every evening.. Snapped that yesterday..


Watched Simpsons at 3pm after ending my class at 1pm..

What we rocked today.. Terence in Bandaids and me in the Red Puma X Pink Laces X Pink Socks.. It’s a first pink day for me..

Watched Simpsons @ Cathay Cineleisure with a bunch of peeps which includes Terence, Sook Teng, Thiam Beng, Michelle, Karl Son, Zhen Quan, Rosanne, Brian, and Jun King… Ooopps.. Sorry bout the chewing gums on the ticket.. I didn’t know where to stick it to during the movie as Wrigley’s were giving out free gums at the entrance..

After the movie we had D’OH-nuts.. Hahaha.. As influenced by Homer..

The movie was great.. Laughing from the beginning where they showed the 20th Century Fox thingy till the end where they showed the credits.. It was hilarious.. Okay.. I’m not the guy who would give spoilers to others.. But if you do wanna know.. You can ask me personally.. My advice is go watch yourself and laugh the hell out..

After donuts, we headed over to Murni ss2 for dinner.. Then hang around at Thiam Beng’s house then my house, then Ramly Burger and met Marianne (who said my uncombed hair ugly!!) at the infamous Ramly Burger @ Ss2/Damansara Bomba.. Woohlala.. The burger is great.. Ooops… I have another one downstairs.. Wahahah..

After that, headed over to Thiam Beng’s house again to eat burger and watched Tokyo Drift as it was shown on HBO… Then.. Finally I’m back home… Off to eat my burger.. D’oh!!

Pictures today were snapped with Canon Ixus 850is..

  1. ye says:

    That wire robot is quite cool! Hahahha. And thanks for not spoiling the movie. =)

  2. kinz says:

    Hahaha.. It’s not really cool if you don’t pay attention in class.. Yealar.. I’m not like you, alwiz give spoilers.. RUN!!! RUN!! JUMP!!! JUMPP!!!! REST!! REST!!!

  3. rinachew says:

    Yummy Big A!

  4. kinz says:

    Hahahah… Not that yummy afterall.. Okay only lerr.. Much prefer Dunkin Donut’s over them.. But I’d prefer Danish Pastry over donuts.. Lastly.. Ramly Burger is da best!!! Especially the one from Bomba Damansara/ss2… Ooohlala!!

  5. marianne says:

    wah! u really blogged about me!
    and da burger rocks

  6. kinz says:


  7. ea says:

    Your hair tak buruk meh? HAhahaha 😛
    Weih. I’m dying weih. Can’t stand 2 weeks of rotting.

  8. kinz says:

    That buruk mehhh?? Come la outdoor fotographi..

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