A basket of satisfaction..

Posted: 24 July, 2007 by kinz in Buds Meetups

Yesterday was Karl Son’s birthday.. Celebrate at TGI Fridays.. As usual.. He’s gotto make a speech and yada yada…

While giving his speech on the table..

Different colours and different sizes..  Zong Liang got back from god-knows-where-he-went…

After dinner.. Headed over to the newly opened 7-11 near Paris Restaurant to try-out the new Ramly Burger stall… It was closed.. Therefore, headed over to Bomba for the ever popular Ramly Burger.. It was open after so many donkey years.. Wooohooo.. Had two burgers.. Ayam Special and Daging Biasa.. Ooohlala.. One word.. Satisfaction!!! After that, a sneaker fiend of mine (gingerfish) came over to show me some new stuffs he got.. Ooohlala.. I’m venomed.. Ugggh…

Another satisfying story today is that I had a great 2 hours game of basketball.. It was great.. Should I say I was on form or were they just fluke.. Hahahaha.. Had never played like that in many months or years…  Never stopped.. Played around 7-8 games back to back.. Didn’t even drink water.. Foohlala.. It felt so good.. Came home at around 8pm.. Drenched with sweat..  It was hella good day of basketball today..

I’m suppose to study soon later… Damn… I better take a rest now before I go on..


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