Posted: 10 July, 2007 by suehlung in At Random

Your Score: D.L. Hawkins

You scored 45 Idealism, 50 Nonconformity, 29 Nerdiness

I ain’t wearing no tights. Congratulations, you’re D.L. Hawkins! You’ve got a bit of a past to overcome, but you are a strong person and you care very deeply about the people you love. You are good at getting out of tight situations, however, you’re not quite as good at simple, practical things like making lunches.

Your best quality: Getting yourself out of difficult situations

Your worst quality: No culinary skills whatsoever, refusal to don tights

Go try it.. http://www.okcupid.com/tests/4885834462883321217/Heroes-Personality

  1. kinz says:

    Yay yay.. I got my chic.. Eden McCain..

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