Food Feast @ PD..

Posted: 28 June, 2007 by kinz in Buds Meetups, Random Snapshots

It was a spontaneous trip to PD.. Some “fellas” flaked last minute, so it ended to be a HoliGAY trip.. It was with Karl Son, Sueh Lung, Thiam Beng and Zhen Quan.. Thanks to Karl Son we had a free stay at his dad’s apartment..

Anyways.. Here are the pictures taken..

Hit the roads on Monday..

Wings I prepared..

As the night falls..

Nothing but snacks..

Next Day..

Starting young..

His catches are young too..

I personally like this one..

And a variant.

Dinner at a Malay place called Jom Makan.. We thought it was good as it appears on the GPS map.. Cheap and filling though.. But extremely spicy..

After dinner.. It was delicious..

And god knows from where Karl Son, Thiam Beng and Zhen Quan found raw burger patty and raw satay at 2am.. Started bbq at 2am..

Taste worse than expected.. We thought it would be a cheaper solution to beer..


Everyone woke up 3 hours late..

At a man made lagoon..

Had some real good lunch @ Mutiara Seafood.. It is 99% chinese food but it was freaking Halal.. Or else it will perfect..

At a nearby nightmarket before we left for home..

Mission accomplished for Beach and Sunset photos.. Night photography is next..

That’s all for now.. Enjoy the pictures.. That’s all for now.. Comments and Critics are welcome..

  1. ye says:

    hahah i’m sure u enjoyed ur gay trip, rite? *sweet smile*

  2. ea says:

    Shit man that boy is reeling another kid’s head. OMG u pergi what cannibal place la ni. Hahahaha.
    Nice pics, bee-yotch

  3. marianne says:

    whereeeeeeeeeeeee got ppl go PD for food feast wan?
    go penang ma. eat until sibeh vomit.
    one bowl asam laksa 2.30 only.

  4. kinz says:

    Marianne.. Haiyohh.. Some people never call me.. never even tapao for me..

    ea.. ehhh its not reeling the head la.. shit.. i shud have cropped the other kids head off…

    ye.. your fault la..

  5. Rina Chew says:

    I have been to Port Dickson almost every year but I have never seen so beautiful like in your pictures.

  6. suehlung says:

    lol.. stop praising him.. hahha.. u go there to train rite..

  7. kinz says:

    Hahahah.. He’s right.. Later I can fly weihh.. The pictures are so so only la.. I still need to improve..

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