If I am late.. Blame the bed!

Posted: 18 June, 2007 by kinz in Random Snapshots

Every morning, I’ll wake up at the perfect time.. Perfect in sense that, I can have my hot steamy shower, have a steamy cup of coffee, and make it to college just in time even if the traffic flow is steamy.. However, I tend to fall asleep again after that moment of perfect time.. So this is how it goes.. I have like 10 alarms, having intervals of 5 minutes each.. One will ring after the other, and then I’ll just shut them off one after the other.. And then I will wake up, stone for awhile.. Move my stoned body to the pc, clear my mail from friendster spam, read some blogs, have my daily dosage of streething.com and mypdacafe.com… When I’m done, I’ll move my ass back to the bed.. The next thing I know.. My class is starting in 5 minutes time.. That is the reason why I’m always late for class…

Anyways, here are some pictures taken during my 15 minutes break..

See that lightning rod?

Yup.. I mean this..

There’s a beautiful bird up there..

It was flying around with it’s other friends..

When to renew my driving license today.. This time, my dad really make sure that I went.. He called and sms me every hour to remind me about my driving license.. And then he even went there and get a number for me, so that I don’t need to wait so long.. Unfortunately, I skipped his number and took another number because my photo wasn’t ready by then..

Went over to A&w to chill from the fireball in space.. Lepak awhile, and then went to renew.. Thank god I made it.. and thank you for accompanying me, even though you cannot renew yours.. Hahaha..

It is good to save..

My card reader..

Got home and went for a jog.. I feel like I’m having asthma and heart attack sometimes (though I do not know how do asthma and heart attack feel like..), especially walking up the stairs..

That is all for today.. I think and hope I’m going to bed.. I don’t want to be late tomorrow..

  1. eM says:

    The bird pictures look waayy better here than on the tiny LCD screen haha.

  2. kinz says:

    Ofcoz la.. And LCD always con people.. Damn sway.. Thank you for going ya.. Yum cha yum cha.. Let’s go let’s go!! I’m craving for Sizzling Chicken/Lamb Chop.. Slrrrrp..

  3. ea says:

    eh i agree with the lcd thing. it’s a bitch of a screen, looks so freaking sharp on it, then see on computer blur macam babi sial. ceh! hahaha

  4. kinz says:

    Sharp is one thing.. Brightness is another.. Especially when we are using CRT Monitor.. Cheap Retard Type of monitor..

  5. ea says:

    CRT Colour is way better than LCD wei. Still superior.

  6. kinz says:

    But crt not as sharp.. I hate lcd because the brightness la.. Damnit..

  7. Rina Chew says:

    That bird is king fisher
    I found one dead on the field just look like the same as yours

  8. suehlung says:

    “I found one dead on the field just look like the same as yours”

    kinz.. ur bird wuz found dead on d school field?? lol.. how did it end up there? got shot by a crow hunter? hmm.. ran away from home?

  9. kinz says:

    That was a different King Fisher.. My King Fisher is still with me.. Looking for a good pond to fish.. Any pond to recommend?

  10. suehlung says:

    u can start fishin on monday…

  11. kinz says:

    Yea rite.. I like piranha.. They are from the Amazon.. (Phrase picked from Finding Nemo) PD fishes all contaminated.. Just like ur mind… Wahhahaa…

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