My turn

Posted: 29 May, 2007 by suehlung in At Random

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  1. ea says:

    Holy shiat lol. damnn

  2. kinz says:

    Oh shit.. Failed.. DAMN!! Ugggh!!

  3. ye says:

    WOW, I got 40. hahaha. Kinz, I beat you! =p

    … and i tot mine was bad. hahaha. 😉

  4. ~z says: tembak-ing skills hav deserted me..ahaha

  5. kinz says:

    Bloody hell.. The questions gila hard..

    Yea ye.. to be exact.. You double up my score… Goshh..

  6. ea says:

    Kinz you share your blog with this fella and you can still get 20?! wtf

  7. kinz says:

    Hahaha.. Speechless..

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