Do you know me?

Posted: 29 May, 2007 by kinz in At Random

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Trailer man’s voice : “Five strangers across the globe began to discover they had extraordinary abilities.. From the cheerleader who realized she’s invincible, to the office worker who can bend the space in time. These strangers are discovering they are meant for something more. And as the son seeks the truth by finishing his father’s work. He’s forced to run from a man surrounded in mysteries, a man who is more connected than anyone imagined. And now.. Heroes continues…” (plucked from heroes..)

Okay cut the crap..Neither any of us are heroes.. So stop dreaming, and try that test… Just for fun, even if you’re a passer by.. Just wanna know how many people out there really knows me.. =Þ

If you get above 80%.. Eman will buy you dinner.. It says on his blog.. ;Þ

  1. ~z says:

    omg…i practically tembak for all of the questions..
    shyt, this is so gay. hahah

  2. ea says:

    shits 63. hahaha. man i don’t know my friends well at all.

  3. kinz says:

    Wahh.. Ziyan.. You damn gay weihh.. Hahahha..

  4. ye says:

    81! =D

    do i get dinner? hahaha. pass by 1%. =p

  5. suehlung says:

    ziyan u gay bastard…

  6. J says:

    eh… pls delete my name on the scoreboard.
    i fcukin’ thought they display my username.
    mana tahu my name is there.
    your test was fun tho’.

  7. kinz says:

    WTF you cheater? You ask ziyan for answer or wat? Danggg…

  8. suehlung says:

    answer again la.. lol.. u told me edi wat.. hehheeh..

  9. kinz says:

    Hahahha.. Dengz… Fuk face mofo..

    hie jimmy.. nice wert ur name up there.. at first i also thought the username will appear… manatau the real name appear.. danm stupid.. i wonder what’s the purpose of having the username then..

  10. ~z says:

    lol..ask me for answer also i can’t rmb..i main tembak aje..=P

  11. zs says:

    i oso tembak la but onli get 5/11

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