Hahaha… [edited but MORE to come!!]

Posted: 12 May, 2007 by kinz in Buds Meetups, Sneakers

So yea.. As sueh lung said in the previous post. It was my birthday yesterday.. Went to so called celebrate at Subang’s infamous Yuen’s Steamboat..

Peeps who came..

What I rock today..

And what’s my SOCKs today..

I hafta admit that this is a good picture taken by eM when we were on the way to subang.. Good shot.. Now get a POWERSHOT!!! Hahahah..

Another one by eM.. Sueh Lung making his potful of balls..

While waiting for the food to cook.. I was wondering, do I have any pictures with my mouth closed.. Darn!!

Macro the steam… PHOOH.. REALLY DAMN STEAM…

This is what happens when PS2 + PSP + Nintendo DS…

After steamboat…


Some pro (kononnya) from the World Pool Masters.. Wanna know what was he doing? Ask waiee.. She’s the one who shot it.. Great shot though.. (Macam pro, both waiee and vincent)

They said picture tells a thousand words.. I say picture tells a  thousand lies..

Anybody can look damn pro in pictures..

Yea.. Even sookteng can look pro.. Hehehe..

Pinocchio showed up.. He uses his nose as the cue stick..

So it was sher huey, cze wien and suan li.. That’s what they were doing when the rest were pooling.. Did I miss a name? (ohYEa.. she said that I shouldn’t put her name here….)

Another great shot from waiee..

And the usual, what you rock today..

My gift by 6 different friends.. Damn.. I thought, for once there were no sharing and stuff.. It ended up to be the same thing.. but it’s great.. Really like it, made me laugh myself when I was tearing up the wrappers… Thanks guyz.. I feel like a kid again!! Woohoo.. “I HAVE 6 1:38 SCALE FERRARI MODELS!! Wahahah.. Wanna play?”

More pictures will be uploaded soon.. Really tired.. Thanks to everyone who came… And to those who didn’t came too.. Hahhahah.. I’m going to sleep… Ciao for now..

  1. suehlung says:

    i’ll race u when i get my ride..

  2. suehlung says:

    u stitched d 1st photo izzit? how come vince’s face cacated wan..

  3. kinz says:

    yealar stitch.. stupid fella dunno move for wat..

  4. TWIT says:


  5. ea says:

    Eh check this out. Fking cun wei. I’ll post it on my blog too later.


    Make a battery pack for your cam. Power sial!

  6. kinz says:

    twit: Sorry la.. I thought u won’t come.. Coz that day u said u wanan be good before going “genting” eh lets go watch movie in ur “genting”

    ea : it looks kinda easy.. coz its all ready made and can be done very fast.. but the thing is.. do u really need a battery pack? i’d still go for filter.. hahahha..

  7. TWIT says:

    see first ler… was thinking of eating steamboat the other day oso..haiz..=(

  8. kinz says:

    serious? aiyohh.. damn sorry bro.. i spend u watch movie la.. ahhahha.. dun cry..

  9. ea says:

    Cry twit! Make kinz feel bad! Bad kinz, bad bad bad bad bad

  10. ea says:

    oh btw, fk wei 1 whole day i didn’t see you online. wtf. world gonna end ar.

  11. kinz says:

    kerja la bro.. after work went lepak, reach home 3 oso u tidur edi la… damnit.. ur bmps!! fk!! i want the old love..

  12. ye says:

    LOL! I didn’t notice Vince’s face in the first pic until I read the comments, damn funny wei his face hahaha.

    Chun leh my shots! Lol. You know how many times I had to take that pic (of Vince) ar? Everytime hafto retake coz they move too fast or the angle not nice. Haiyoh.

  13. TWIT says:

    movie? kk we go watch gold class okay…when i go to ‘genting’ soon. then we indulge ourselves with fine dining. And we end it with dessert at haagen dazs. You don’t have to spend me, you pay for yourself, and i pay for myself ahhhha.

  14. kinz says:

    ye : hahhaa.. vincent la.. move move move.. haiyohhh…

    twit.. dun la… barger.. i dun have that much money u know… hehehe…

  15. ye says:




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