Mayday Mayday!! WARNING! May suck all ya bandwidth!

Posted: 5 May, 2007 by kinz in Buds Meetups, Random Snapshots, Sneakers

Exams over.. WOOHOOOO!!!!!! As I promised, I’ll be bombing this place with photos after my exams.. So here it is now.. Warning!! The pictures may leech your bandwidth!! So load at your own risk.. If you’re using dialup connection.. YOU SUCK!! GO GET YOURSELF A BROADBAND CONNECTION!!! Wahahahhah!!

To the exam hall last week.. Air Force 1 World Cup 2006 (Hollands)

To the exam hall.. Un-ds my fresh Air Jordan 4 Retros [Black Cat]..

I do not even have time to keep my kicks back in to its’ right place…

After exams, went home straight to sleep.. Woke up at 3pm.. Hang around, played with camera.. And left for 1Utama at around 5pm.. Hang around again, check out some new sneakers, and shopped for present for emily.. Then went for dinner at Italiannies.. Ate dinner, hang out with some sort of long lost friend, got fooled by josef’s magic trick and then watched Spiderman at 10.30pm.. Went home at 1am.. Edited some photos, had a group conversation with some sneakerheads at 5am and went to sleep at 6am..

On my way to 1Utama.. I was driving.. When I took my undang, they did not tell me that I was not allowed to take pictures when I am driving.. Did they?

So I went on to took more.. Since it was not any offense..

eM’s cup cakes..

4th May..Woke up, online and left home for sneaker hunting in town.. It was 4pm when we reached town.. Chat and hang around, at some sneaker stores with some sneakerheads.. Had snack at McD’s and got home at around 9pm..

So.. Photos today..

Bunch of monks walking pass the back street of Sungei Wang..


The night view from Berjaya Times Square Car Park..

And more..

And check out the background..

When I reached home.. Did a lil of housework, showered, and off to 1Utama with my sis to pickup her new glasses.. And had a 15-30 minutes shopping.. Guess what we got for my mum for her birthday which is today (5th of May)

Yea.. I am asking you to guess…

It is a watch.. Hope she likes it..

Before I went out, I noticed the moon was really beautiful.. Yes I really mean BEAUTIFUL.. However, after 1Utama, my sis dropped me at a mamak at DJ called Syed Abu but they call it Jelutong.. So whatever, yum cha wit sookteng, karlson, zhen quan and few others.. My seat was facing the view.. Shitt.. It was really tempting.. I really want to take out my camera, but I left it at home..

Zhen Quan fetched me home to get my camera and tripod, then we headed over to Thiam Beng’s house and then to the Ramly Burger Stall at Bomba.. Snapped a lil tho.. Came home, at around 12am or so, went out again, sis wanted to eat ramly burger, so I followed her out.. At around 1 am or so.. Went to the garden and snapped pictures of the moon.. The moon was really pretty..


Moon again..

Doesn’t look like a moon? Trust me. It is still the moon.. Not the sun..

It is big and round.. Look top right.. Around 1’o clock.. Can you see the shadows.. Look carefully.. They are the holes (I don’t know what you call it) on the moon..

Moon? Don’t be silly.. That’s the lights outside my house..

You would want to look at it yourself.. I’ve never been so close to the moon..

I am really tired.. I am going to bed now.. Till then… Nights..

  1. Emily T says:

    Wow, nice pics! I like the monks and yellow arrow.

    And we never really noticed how beautiful the sky is until we have a camera. Sigh sigh. People, better look up to the sky more often!

  2. kinz says:

    Thanks.. Yea I myself love the monk picture as well.. Heheheh.. Some how got the urban-ish feel.. Wahhh cheh.. (like damn pro..) hahahha…

    So go get a camera and shoot the sky!!!

  3. marianne says:

    your photography skills are still sucky, like mine.
    time to get a DSLR. cannot make it la!!!!
    landscape pics all senget wan!

  4. marianne says:

    except a few good ones la. like the macro shots. i love eman’s macro shots.
    they’re dem good. he got talent. love your guess macro shot.
    hate the second blue sky pic. besides the background is dem dem nice, your pic senget! straight abit then chunted.

  5. marianne says:

    and your car, sangat kotor eh.

  6. kinz says:

    Alamak.. U notice.. Allo.. Tarak tripod la tuh… Slow shutter lagi… Shhh.. My car lama tak cuci siuttt.. bloody hell.. dun compare me with ur sis… ur sister main DSLR weihh.. anyways.. my shot TAPAO URS KAO KAO.. At least mine is CLEAR not like urs shakey and shit.. Wahahha.. camwhore oso cannot do properly.. Wahahhahahah..

  7. marianne says:

    haha. think i like li lynn meh! until ppl announce she can become porn stAR!
    this just means i am nto a natural camwhore la. hahahha. not born to be one. =(
    oh the car kotor, was the first thing i noticed MAN!

  8. kinz says:

    Well.. A good camwhore can be a bad photographer of vice versa.. U’r a good camwhore or not? I dunno.. But I can tell ur pictures are BLURRRRR and DARKKKKK.. hahaha…
    Ehhh..My car is not that dirty wert.. Only the first picture is visible.. The one after that is not visible wert.. Hahhahah..

  9. marianne says:

    bad camwhore, an even worse photographer! hahaha.
    and i can tell that your car is DIRRRRRRRRRRRRTYYYYYYYYYY

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