Wesak & Labours’ Day [Pictures Added]

Posted: 1 May, 2007 by kinz in Family Occasions, Sneakers

Happy wesak & Labour Day.. and this it the beginning of May!!

Anyways.. Yesterday.. Went over to Nike Midvalley after college and dinner.. There was a Nike+ Streething Challenge.. I got second.. I was 30 metres away from the first guy.. I shouldn’t have slowed down at the end.. Damn it!! This is how it works.. 10 minutes, on a threadmill.. Who ever who run the furthest wins.. I had a disadvantage.. I started first.. So he knew the distance to beat.. Damnit!! He got a shoe.. I got a tee shirt though.. Hahahha.. Went williams after that.. [Pictures will be uploaded soon uploaded via Streething.com]

(Directly copy and paste from Streething..)

Here’s top 5 (10 minutes run league): –

1. Chinaman – 2.24km
2. Kinz – 2.21km
3. Niwoee – 2.01km
4. Eman – 2.01km
5. Gingerfish – 1.55km 

Sundae Temptation..

My biggest competitor.. All the way from China..

Prize giving ceremony..

Damn close..

The gang..


The “What You Rocking Today”.. I’m in the Hollands Air Force 1.. 10’o clock..

Pix via Streething.com

Today is a day I have an almost perfect sleep.. I slept at 2.30am last night, woke up at 1pm.. Almost perfect.. 2 more hours it will be complete.. Anyways.. Thats like my 3 days of sleep for the pass few days.. I only had 4 hours of sleep each day.. Dang.. Went to Brickfields Buddha Temple.. Met some friends.. Well if some of you remember Calvin.. Physics tuition @ Edusmart.. The guy who always eat McD’s in the class with his girlfriend.. Hahahah.. He’s in my college and I always see him, but this is something different.. He was selling ice blended for charity..

Here are some photos from the temple..

Along the street.. Many people were selling flowers and stuff..


Getting their jossticks lighted..

On the way out.. We saw some vehicles for parading tonight.. Ran to get a clear spot for this picture.. It is the sleeping Buddha..

On our way out of temple.. Maxis was giving some goodie bag.. So I took one.. Then we saw a couple of Indian families were holding lots of them.. Then there’s this two old ladies which are beggars were trying to get more from the maxis lady.. So I thought there were some goodies.. It was just a can of drink and a pack of biscuits.. So me and my sis gave to some beggars.. My mum gave to the wrong one.. She gave to the two old ladies.. And they were quarreling and snatching from my mum.. Hahaha.. My mum then give one each… Kinda funny though..

Tonight.. Dinner at Damansara Perdana… It was at Mum’s Place.. Some kind of Peranakan type of food… The baba and nyonya kinda style.. My family seems to like this kinda food.. Probably cause my late grandma is kinda baba influenced…

They not only serve food.. The furnitures used to decorate the shop is for sale.. Even the table we are eating on.. It was priced at RM9900.. Hahahah..

Red rubies..

Trust me.. They are damnnnnnnnnn good..

I guess that is for now.. I’m still waiting for the Nike+ Challenge pics.. Till then..

  1. rina says:

    damn,I want a pair of new shoes too

  2. suehlung says:

    who doesnt?? :p

    my am90s r gettin beaten up everyday.. dunno how many more beatings it can still take.. sigh..

  3. kinz says:

    Me too man.. I’m running out of fresh shoes.. Only 1 pair left.. Ohno!!! Save up save up!!! Many more shoes dropping soon..

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