Sunrise on Sunday morning..

Posted: 10 April, 2007 by kinz in Random Snapshots

It was an early Sunday morning at Lake Garden..

Through the trees..

At night.. Yum cha with some streething buddies at Ss2 mamak.. Had lotsa fun jokes.. Hahahha.. Really funny bunch of peeps..

Today morning at college was quite normal.. Went to Saji for lunch.. Had Indo Mee double.. This meal reminds me of the good old days during high school.. Anyways…

After class.. It was kinda pouring.. As my friends were photocopying some pass year paper at the library, I was looking around for books.. Just looking by random.. Picked up a really interesting book on photography.. My friends left me in there as they were heading home.. I didn’t want to go home, as I do not want to get myself (more like my shoes) wet.. So I hang around in the library by myself.. Flipped through some of those photography books and I decided I should borrow a book for the first time in my college library.. Then I headed over to the engineering section, looking for some useful books for my finals which is end of this month.. Found a book on Digital Electronics.. Looks way more in depth than the notes the bitch gave.. So I decided to borrow two books.. The friendly librarian was kinda shocked..

Librarian : One of the book is science and the other is arts..
Me : Yea..  Why?
Librarian : Huh? You sure?
Me : Yea.. Photography is just some sort of hobby..
Librarian : Oooh okok.. So bila jadi pro datang ambik gambar saya boleh?
Me : Yea bolehhh.. No problem..

Hahaha. She’s so funny.. Anyways..

Here is what I picked up from the book..

Fisheye images..

And more..

Saw some of my classmates at the badminton court.. So I went to join them for awhile before I went home.. Went for an hour of jog today.. The cool breeze after rain was a very good reason to go for a jog.. First I met Andrew as he was driving.. Then I met Karl Son and he was also driving..


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