Tickle Me Elmo eXtreme..

Posted: 28 March, 2007 by kinz in At Random

Today.. Headed to college in the morning.. It has been two weeks and I’ve been eating hash browns everyday.. The best part is.. It is FREE!! I have a classmate, we were talking about McD breakfast once.. I said I buy the breakfast set for the Hash Browns, and he said he buy the breakfast set for everything EXCEPT the hash browns.. Asked him what did he do to it? He said throw.. I was like THE HELL!?!!? Then the next day I got hash browns from him and so did the following day.. He’s got McDs for breakfast everyday.. Crazee ass mofo..

I actually got a pic of the hash brown he gave.. but I’m sure you guys know how McD hash brown look like.. Screw it.. I’m not uploading..

After college, headed over to 1Utama and then to Help College and then back to 1Utama.. Was hanging out at 1Utama with Sueh Lung, Waiee and Sook Teng.. This is some major hangout.. Till now I still don’t get the reason of heading over there.. Even wasting time is not a suitable reason for it..

Got some pix of McD’s product.. Will upload later.. Kinda lazy now..

Something which really got our attention today..

You think this is some ordinary soft toy? You’re so damn wrong!!

Check out this video from YouTube..

This is seriously damn cool.. It is retailing at Rm239 at U Parkson, Rm199 for Parkson card member.. geeesh.. I’m so hooked to that.. It is so cool!!

I’ve gotto continue with my assignment..

  1. ea says:

    Jom buy. My sister pun racun. So I guess I kena belikan. Hahahaha

  2. suehlung says:

    ey.. this elmo different style wan.. that day’s one didnt lie and hit d floor wan.. damn funny wei.. i watch it without sound oso can laugh.. havin lab classes now n i’m readin ppl’s blogs…

  3. kinz says:

    So shiok wan? So far I only had 1 subject which we can go to comp lab while its connected to the internet.. Our Programming Centre doesn’t have internet.. I think purposely want..

    Its damn nice weih the elmo.. Prolly drop to discount bin la.. Too expensive..

  4. suehlung says:

    all labs hav turtle speed internet connection.. but d coms alwiz hang even though they’re dell optiplex series..

  5. eM says:

    So this is the cool toy that you’ve been talking about?

    I saw it at Parkson KLCC one month ago. Nice to look at for like, um 2 seconds?

    Hehe, sorry la, don’t have the childishness to appreciate it (no offence! =P)

  6. kinz says:

    Ahhh.. I guess u just don’t have sense of humour.. Hahaha..

    No my lab dun have turtle speed connection… Their just slightly slow than normal broadband.. Wahhh… Why hang? I never had hanging problems in college yet.. Thnk god..

  7. ye says:

    yer i want free hashbrowns every morning too…

    damn loud wei the elmo thing whack his head against the platform. feel damn kesian for him. lol.

  8. suehlung says:

    den u’ll look like one if u hav it everyday.. wide n round..

  9. ea says:

    and wrinkly. 😉

  10. kinz says:

    I just had mine… Hahhaa.. Oi!! eating hash browns won’t make you look like one la.. Look at me.. I’m not wide, round or wrinkly.. Just that my skin colour looks like hash browns.. But thats not due to hash browns k..

  11. ye says:

    “Look at me”

    … ok i think i dowan to eat hashbrowns anymore. hahahah. =p

  12. suehlung says:


    damn mean wei u..

  13. kinz says:

    Okay.. That really got me!!! Hahaha…

  14. ye says:

    hehe jk laa, aiyoh! *innocent smile*

  15. kinz says:

    YEA RITE LA!! HMPH!! innocent la konon.. wakakka…

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