Fully furnished..

Posted: 25 March, 2007 by kinz in Sneakers

Today.. Woke up at 9.30am.. Thought of clearing up a lil as the furniture will arrive later in the afternoon.. Moved all these sneakers and it’s boxes to a safer place..

There were on the floor of my room..

So after I moved them and cleaned the area. I went to shower.. As I had to go to work soon.. Not long till I went for shower, the delivery guys arrived.. So they fixed the stuff up… Got everything ready in like 30-40 minutes.. I went to clean the area from nails, some debris and stuff.. Arranged them nicely, I made myself some lunch and packed some meal for work (first time I made my own food to be brought elsewhere to be eaten..).. I made egg sandwiches with toast breads and lots and lots of tomato ketchup..

Reached work a lil late.. Kinda unlucky day for me.. Sales were kinda bad for me.. Went to lepak with eman and psuedooape with unkle Eric from Nike.. They left me and unkle Eric later on.. So we went for a drink and talk cock.. Hahaha.. He’s a very nice guy.. Went over to New Balance later on to talk to the boss.. He seeked some help from me.. Got a lil poisoned by New Balance.. Dang…

There was a basket of sweets at the counter of GeeK.. Guess who ate the most? Nope not the customers.. it’s us.. We kept eating them non stop.. Heheheh..

Left for home at around 11.pm.. So this is a picture of What I rocked Today..

The same old boring Air Max 95 Reflectors..

Got home.. Mum said she wanna give me some surprise.. So I went into my room.. WOW!! Everything was perfectly done.. The half done shelf was done, my books were on it as well.. My wardrobe is already filled with clothes.. Everything was perfectly done by my mum.. Love her so much!

The drawer chest..

My new wardrobe..

This is the best! My bookcase.. Which has turned to a shoe case..

Ofcourse the shoe wasn’t displayed by my mum.. But this is what she did.. Stacking the shoe boxes right below.. Which is perfect!

And I did this when I reached home…

Air Force 1’s..

And another view..

Sorry if the image quality is really bad.. Coz I’m really extremely tired, my hands were shaking and I refused to use a higher shutter speed with flash.. P/s.. To those of you who wanna come and ransack my room, come come.. You are welcome.. Hahaha.. I’m so happy with it!! Thanks to my mummy!

  1. ea says:

    Wah wah macam kedai ar your room.

  2. suehlung says:

    same old borin am95 reflectors ey… lets trade for am90 k.. haahhah..

    yeala.. shop for kix, gadgets n caps.. i like that cap holder thingy..

  3. kinz says:

    yealar.. no shoe la.. alwiz the same ol 95’s… trade? u go and buy la.. ahhahaha.. the cap thingy is cheap.. under rm15..

    ea.. u mau size apa? limited quantity.. while stock last… cepat cepat..

  4. suehlung says:

    look who;s talkin…

  5. st says:

    display sumore la…i go rob ur room den u noe…hehe

  6. kinz says:

    Hahaha… Come come come!! You’re welcome!!

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