Ikea Fever – Episode II

Posted: 24 March, 2007 by kinz in Random Snapshots

To college at 9am.. Woke up a lil earlier to escape from the shortage of power which will start at 9.oo am.. Programming Language ended at 10.30am.. Headed to SS2 for Bak Kut Teh as my classmates were feeling for some Bak Kut Teh.. It was really suitable for the cozy morning.. Woohlala.. 6 of us had the meal for 8 pax.. Back to college to drop a friend who wants to enroll college for his brother..

Headed to 1Utama.. To meetup with a classmate who went for a haircut and as well to snap some pictures.. So here they are…

The Sauber Petronas C21…

Same Sauber Petronas C21 at a different view.. If I’m not wrong, this car was used in the previous season.. This team doesn’t exist in the new season..

This is the new team.. BMW Sauber F1..

The main attraction..

The Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro team..

Red is the colour of Victory..

After that headed over to college for Moral Studies.. YAY!! Once again it was time to fill in the feedback form on our module.. Guess what.. I wrote everything I felt about the course.. I said the course outline isn’t any useful.. There’s no aim studying moral, and the lecturer make us buy books, and never use them.. Photostat notes and charged us at a certain amount where the notes are very similar to the contents of the books.. The lecturer is never punctual and we’re not informed if classes are cancelled or postponed.. Wooohoo.. It felt so much better after that..

After college headed back home.. Helped my mum to clean up my room and the old cupboard as my new wardrobe will arrive tomorrow.. Went for a nap after that.. At 7.30pm.. It was so noisy, my cousins, my sister, mum and aunt were talking so loudly.. Guess what happened? We’re going to Ikea AGAIN!! So off we went to ikea.. I can almost remember every single bit of the place.. 3 days, 4 trips for my parents, 3 trips for me.. So we ended up buying another book case, another drawer chest, and two tv racks that will be combined as one for my sister and the NEWly abandoned 21″ tv.. At the same time my aunt also bought some book cases, some bedside table and some other stuffs..

Came home at around 11.30pm.. My family is going impulsive..  They are crazee..

Will post up a picture of my shelf which will be arriving tomorrow.. Woohoo!

  1. ye says:

    Lol! The impulsiveness must run in the family… hehe 😉

  2. kinz says:

    I’m not sure bout that.. but if it do run in the family, then I know who to blame on when I get impulsive again… Hehehe..

  3. suehlung says:

    so if ur mum is d impulsive one den u’re gonna blame that egg of hers? or if ur dad is d impulsive one den u’re gonna blame that sperm of his? lol..

    if it hadnt been that egg or sperm.. u wudnt b likin sneakers n gadgets.. u might b a pussy who likes barbie.. 😉

  4. kinz says:

    if i was a pussy.. i might be collecting heels… and might be the hottest chic..

  5. suehlung says:

    den u’ll b hangin out at vincci’s n checkin out pussything.com..

  6. kinz says:

    not pussything.com la.. sweething.com.. hahaha.. whats wrong wit u and pussy la? fetish ke?

  7. suehlung says:

    oopz.. sweething.com sounds better.. sweating.com.. lol..

    i’m juz bored.. uni stress..

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