“White on white so fresh I get stares!!”

Posted: 21 March, 2007 by kinz in Buds Meetups, Sneakers

Today.. A new day for new sneakers.. Yes the Air Force 1 White on White ’07.. It’s really good.. When I open the box this morning.. There really were angels singing.. They were singing “AAAaaaaaaaa” Hahaha.. Amazing huh?

Headed to college in the morning with these…

Don’t they just look fresh?

And then the air-con at college wasn’t working.. After an hour of stuffiness, my lecturer tends to dismiss the class and lab was cancelled… So 11.30am.. Where to go? Headed to lunch at ss2’s PRINCE CAFE.. Sound kinda stupid, kinda expensive but boleh tahan la the food.. Had baked rich with lamb with my favourite borsch soup which comes in a set..

Went to lepak at 1u after that.. With who you asked? Alone.. Lepak at GeeK, chatted and stuff.. Then went over to Nike Culture store to lepak and chat again.. Then I headed over to Digital Mall..

Went to Digital Mall cause eM wants to cheq out whether if the camera promo’ thingy still on.. Well what if it was still on? She didn’t have enough money to buy it yet though.. Hehehe..

At McDs.. What can 30cents buy you today?

Kinda bored.. So took some pictures.. Hahaha.. Real crappy ones..

Camwhore remains.. I mean the girl in that pic..

A more serious version..

My mum don’t even look at me that way when I cop a new pair of sneakers..

At night.. It was kinda pouring.. Still eman and I headed over to Williams to yum cha.. The freaking burger really ripped me off.. Freaking RM10.. DAYUMMMMMM!! It was nice though.. Shit… It was freaking cold.. And I finally collected my reconditioned Air Force 1.. Woohoo.. Will post pictures of it tomorrow.. Camera batteries are flat.. Long day ahead for tomorrow.. Morning class.. And the weather.. Ahhhh so nice to sleep.. Off to the lovely bed of mine..

  1. MastAFluBB says:

    shit didnt put my name also damm la u kinz hahah

  2. kinz says:

    you put urself edi wert.. Hahahha.. Wait la.. suspense sikit.. tunggu la!!

  3. Rina Chew says:

    I love your camera,this is tooo muchhhhh!

  4. kinz says:

    Thanks.. But… eh rina don’t drift away.. Go be your lawyer not photographer.. Go go go..

  5. ea says:

    Omg garangnya muka. Kinz post your la! I mau tengok how good a photographer u can be. 😉

  6. ea says:

    oops. I meant your Kasut.

  7. kinz says:

    Itu guna camera phone pun cukup.. Coz the kasut cukup power.. Hehehehe..

  8. MastAFluBB says:

    eh u buang da jumping pic already ar

  9. eM says:

    omg someone actually saw the jumping pic!

    *runs and hide*

    And don’t put that last picture, Eman say it’s garang. Heh.

  10. kinz says:

    Hahaha.. yea flubb.. kena buang..

    yes em.. almost everyone saw that pic.. WAHAHAHHAHA.. Aren’t you happy.. I thought you ARE garang?

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