Photo Printed..(pictures added)

Posted: 24 February, 2007 by kinz in Random Snapshots

Today, went to help mum to developed some pictures…

At the same time I got some for myself..

The back of my room door..

On the way out for dinner.. There was a Patrol Car beside us at the traffic light.. The policeman was smoking, looking really slumber, used the radio and said.. “DEPAN JALAN DEPAN JALAN!!” and then the cars still refused to move, maybe because he/she is afraid to get hit by the opposite flow of the traffic.. Then the policeman repeated.. “DEPAN TU JALAN LAAAA!!!” Still the same thing.. Gotto wait till the traffic lights turn green.. Hahaha.. They drove really fast.. and it is legal.. DAMN!!!

Police in action..(taken with the old Olympus)

There are more pictures of the sunset.. Coming up soon..

Sunset taken with Sis camera.. (Canon Ixus 850is)

It was taken from the car..

Isn’t it beautiful?

And now I’m draining off my batteries, using the old camera (super battery consuming)..


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