Balik Kampung..

Posted: 20 February, 2007 by kinz in Family Occasions

As most of you know, I am a city boy.. My hometown is in Cheras.. We usually go back like once a week, but going back during Chinese New Year is a lil different.. The ambiance and the mood is different..

Mum suggested that we take a family photo before we leave to my aunt’s place..

At my aunt’s place.. We were ushered by this big pot of soup with MILLIONS of Meat balls!! The pot is humongous, the contents were crazier…

One of the dishes for lunch.. Prawns!!

My lil’ cousin (the guy).. The girl is that cousin’s cousin.. Which is a new friend of mine today.. Hahaha..

Its me and the kids… I wonder why did they do those piggie mouths? Ushering the year of pig?

Another one.. DAMN!! It is still about the pigs!!!

After lunch and some lepak session.. Mum’s old buddy came to visit.. Lotsa stories about her.. And then, THE MAIN AGENDA.. It was some gambling session.. I played for like 45 minutes to an hour and then I was too tired.. Played with these two adorable kids till I fell asleep.. When I woke up, they went home already.. Alamak..

After they finish their gambling.. My mum once again suggested for a family photo..

You think this is big? 4 families were not in the picture.. Around 16 more peeps not in this picture.. Imagine how big is this family.. This is crazy!!!

A few of us cousins.. There are more not in the picture..

And then it is time to have our Yee Sang..

Here it is..

Me being silly..

My aunt’s caught a rat and they left it in the cage for hours.. Left it out in the sun, and this cat came to visit.. It stayed around that cage for about 4-6hours.. Waiting patiently beside the cage..

Don’t ask me what was I doing.. That’s my sis behind me..

It is a wooden house where my mum and grandparents used to live in many years ago.. Back then, radio was their only entertainment.. Now.. It is still a wooden house.. But look what’s on top..

Some random pix of my cousin’s colour pencil when they were playing..

  1. ea says:

    Yo man wassup wtih your hair? hahahaha. I like the colour pencil pic. But i tell you, you play with the curves in photoshop and you can make it even more niceeee.

  2. kinz says:

    My hair? Hahaha.. Hypebeast mar.. I must look like one.. I like the cat pic more.. ahaha. damn power.. Macam national geographic punye coverage…

  3. ye says:

    Lol! The 6th pic (the one with u and the 2 kids) looks like u with ur kids liddet… heheh 😉

  4. sl says:

    WTF is wrong or right wit ur hair????? its worst den ever before…

  5. kinz says:

    Hahaha.. Thats what my sis said.. n i told my mum “mummy you already reach ‘yee shuin moon dei'” (meaning ur cucu all filled the ground edi.. or something lidat)

    Sl.. My hair? ahhaha..

  6. ea says:

    SL, which hair? Hahahahaha. Kinz kasi botak wei! Power gila!

  7. TWIT says:

    ahhha your hair as usual la fatt choy and and, your cousin reminds me of myself the other night in sl’s car and ur cousin’s cousin reminds me of you ahhha..girl power! 🙂

  8. kinz says:

    ahh shuttup la terence.. wat girl power pulak.. eh fatt choy not cheap okay.. hahha..

    ea.. what do u mean which hair? what other hair do u see in the pictures? hahaha.. botak memang power.. but den tak boleh la… nanti tak match dengan aku..

  9. ea says:

    update la chicken ass!

  10. kinz says:

    no pics la damnit..

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