It is time to go back home..

Posted: 17 February, 2007 by kinz in Buds Meetups

I just watched a Petronas TV Commercial.. It is really touching, as always for Petronas during festive season.. Here is the link..
Petronas TV Commercial..

Anyways.. Today I woke up kinda early.. I woke up at 11am.. Thats really early for me as I do not have classes today.. Did some house cleaning.. And then, at 3pm, went out to catch a movie and lepak around.. Watched Ghost Rider.. Kinda cool movie.. As usual, for marvel movies, there are definitely continuation..

And then went over to Riley to meetup with Terence and Mo.. Watched some foosball action and I am really speechless… Headed over to Talipon for BBQ/Steamboat… Kinda cool tho.. I ate really alot.. That when everyone stopped, I was still eating.. And then everyone stared at me like I’m some animal in the zoo.. Cheryl even called me a Dinosaur..

Went yum cha after that.. And then went home…

Let these pictures do the talking…

And then when I reached home.. I saw some new sheets on my bed.. Woohoo.. They are green.. Real cool colours..

The bedsheet.. Woohoo.. Green polkas…

Pillow cases..

and my sister’s new gadget.. Got from her darling from Spain.. Ipod nano 4gb.. Pretty darn cheap in Spain.. Less than 500MYR.. Thats like about 3/5 of the retail price here..

  1. marianne says:

    u need to learn how to resize your pics.

  2. kinz says:

    Very big meh? its like 30% of the ori size edi.. I think it is fine.. resolution around 600X400.. very big meh? hmmm…

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