Major Fun @ Major GeeK

Posted: 23 November, 2006 by kinz in At Random

Here comes another long entry..

Today was a whole day at work… Started my day at 11 am, got ready and left for work at 11.30 am.. Reached the Central Park car park at around 11.45 am, meet up with Jeremy (one fellow GeeK) skated to the shop.. Hahahah.. Found an alleyway to skate behind some shops.. Hahaha.. Kinda cool..

I opened upstairs of GeeK at 12pm. As usual, when someone opens the 2nd floor, he have to unlock the doors, turn on all the laptops, turn on the projector and select a DVD to play.. I selected a movie titled Road Trip.. The DVD cover looks kinda obscene, naked guys and girls with the movie title covering the parts which should be covered.. Hahahha.. Kinda interesting.. After that, while waiting for it to load, I made myself some coffee to start my day.. Sat at the counter all alone watching the movie.. It was good, really funny, it is about a bunch of college students and this guy accidentally sex taped he and a girl, and he send it to his girl friend in another state.. He and his girlfriend had a strong relationship and they knew each other since 3 or 5 yrs old.. Can’t really remember.. So this bunch of college guyz went on a road trip to get the tape back before it is too late.. Hahahah.. Really cool!! Starred, Breckin Meyer, Seann William Scott (most of his movies are damn cool!!) , DJ Qualls and many others.. It is very similar to American Pie.. Great show, lots “GREAT” scenes.. Hahhaha.. I’m sure you know what I mean.. If you don’t.. Go and watch Road Trip.. Hahahhah

Show ended bout 2 something.. Went downstairs lepak for awhile.. Made a sale, managed to get myself busy for awhile although it was just a basic PDA and the sales bonus was not very high.. Good enough though.. After around 30-45 minutes, I was surfing the net and then we ordered Pizza for lunch.. Dominoes pizza it was.. Four of us had a Regular Sambal Supreme, Large Hawaiian Collabo with Pepperoni (forgot what is it called.. LOVE IT.. Two of my favourite pizza put into one!! Slrrrp) and some Kaya thingy (again I forgot what is it called, but I have a picture of it..)

It is very nice.. Very sweet.. Like it!!

Chilli Flakes are good with pizza..

….but what are chilli flakes without flakes? This pack of chilli flakes were empty, not even a single bit inside, it was some manufacturing mistake I guess..

After late lunch……..

We were kinda bored, new stocks came in and it was sealed REALLY REALLY tight.. It was just a small box though.. Imagine two PDA boxes (just like any other handphone box).. Jeremy was a lil cheeky, took the wrap and started to cling wrap me.. All the other GeeKs came along.. and I ended up to be something like thissss……..

Yea I know I looked silly.. Don’t hafta tell me but I was fricking innocent..

It was really really tight!! Look at my hands… Covering that part, JUST IN CASE if they got horny and changed their plan.. Hahahah.. After awhile, they gave me a challenge.. If I am able to break the seal just like how Incredible Hulk cracks his shirt up into pieces, I will be treated Chillies.. Damn… It was damn hard to do so!! So I ended up stepping on the end of it, while spinning around like top… Damn it.. Why am I always picked? Geeesh…

Not long later, as usual, I went online, chat, surf and read up some mail and sneaker news… Then a returning customer came.. He decided to pick up a new device.. Dang.. He bought the exact same device I sold earlier today.. Hahah.. It is a HP Ipaq 1950 day for me.. This malay couple is very nice, they are some high school teacher, and the lady is an SPM examiner.. If I was still in form 5, I would give her better discount if she could change my grades..Heheheh.. Well she kept bargaining even though I said it is fixed price.. At the end, we both agreed on a price.. Set it up, and since they were so nice, I gave them a lil tutorial on the device because he claims that it is his first PDA…

Went to skate for awhile, and yay!! I can ollie (jump) better than before.. Hahahah.. I was bored.. Really bored.. Walked around the shop, saw the Crumpler display area was in a total mess.. I could not stand it, I asked ” Who the hell displayed this shit? Damn ugly and messy!!” Then I went to display them bags… and this is how they look like right now…

On the floor..

On the shelves..

Overall.. (okie it is not very nice anyway, but it is definitely way better than before…)

View from the ground…

At night, we just crapped and I went to lepak around 1u for awhile with Jeremy and we closed at 10.30pm today as we were quite busy towards closing.. Rushed home to do a virtual electronic circuit for tomorrow’s lab assignment.. Crap, I cannot print, ended up a group of us, doing just one piece, but printing in multiple copies.. I’m lazy huh? It is getting late and I think I better go to bed, tomorrow is gonna be another long day.. College -> Work… Tiring but fun..

  1. Dunno says:

    I wanna try the kaya thingy..

  2. SL says:

    slrrp man.. ur bags r so nice…

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