Nature Calls!!!

Posted: 13 November, 2006 by kinz in At Random, Gadget Related

Thursday, 9th November 2006, went to The Curve and Cineleisure for a movie with my fellow classmates.. Most of them are from Johor and one of them is from Port Dickson.. So me and another friend planned this to give them a lil’ tour around.. First we had lunch at Kim Gary, ate my favorite Cheesy Rice with Beef.. Slrrrrp!!! Then we watched “Death Note”, it is a movie based on a famous Japanese manga series.. I must say this is a good movie as it was not what I expected.. I thought it is gonna be some typical Japanese horror movies.. Well, if you have a chance to watch this, you must watch it.. It is worth for money.. After that, we had dinner at Ming Tien, went home at 9pm.. I was out for freaking 8 hours!!

Friday, 10th November 2006, another ordinary day at work..

Saturday, 11th November 2006.. Went down town with my sis to collect my O2 Xphone II from the service center after noticing that they are trying to rip us off.. So we didn’t repair it.. Anyway it was a small issue..

Look at the crack on the joystick.. I had been using it for a year without problems and my sister can break 3 joysticks in 2 months.. Great huh?

Picture kinda blur as I am using my phone’s camera..

I still love this device!!
Had a bad tummy ache!! At Berjaya Times Square 9th floor (where the service center is) , went to the toilet, BLOODY GENTS was locked!!! Then the Toilet for the disabled.. LOCKED TOO!!! GEESH!! Sis went in the the Ladies, there were no one inside and she asked me to get in.. I wanted to go the toilet 1 floor below or 1 floor above, but…. IT IS TOO LATE!!!!! HAFTA DO MY THANG!!!!! UGGGGGGGGGGGGH!!!! CLOSE MY EYES AND I RAN IN THEN LOCK THE DOOR!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… Felt so much better.. Ribuan terima kasih diucapkan kepada kekanda atas kesudian membawa saudara memasuki tandas @&#&*@@#&!!@…… Thank god that the 9th floor of BTS is very quiet.. So no one came in, or else…. I don’t even dare to imagine.. Geeesh!!!

After that, we went over to Lot 10, then Sungei Wang. I checkout some new Nike SBs at Miz 29 and had a lil chat with Andy.. After that, walk around, sis bought herself a dress and then at around 7pm we went to Kepong and had dinner.. Had seafood for dinner.. My sis, her boyfriend, and I.. 1Kg of butter crabs, some toast buns, ostrich meat, veggies, steam eggs, 3 plates of rice, 5 cans of drinks and only the 3 of us.. It is very very cheap.. It ends up to be at Rm 70 only.. Geesh.. It is very cheap.. Got home bout 9pm.. Settled down.. Then went to Ss2 Murni at around 11pm for a drink with my colleagues.. Came home bout 1am..

Sunday, 12th November 2006, woke up at 1pm, went to shop at1Utama with my parents.. Bought some presents for some kids my aunt babysits.. Mum bought them some books from MPH, I want my SNEAKER FREAKER The Book!! Mum did not want to buy for me.. Heheheh.. Got home at 4.30pm.. Went to my aunts’ place in Cheras at 5.30pm.. They were chatting, as I was playing with my lil cousin, Oscar (the cute lil guy who’s pictures are sometimes on my MSN display picture..).. Had dinner this a family friend’s place… Their four children were taken care by my aunt.. One by one, from babies to Form 1(the eldest), youngest is already 5yrs old right now.. (rich and fortunate kids..) It seems that they love their babysitter (my aunt) a lot… Once one of the siblings said this to my aunt.. “Nanny.. Do my parents pay you well? If they don’t I will tell them to pay you more..” Geesh!!! and their parents are real nice, not snobbish instead they are friendly.. Well it is the eldest brother’s birthday today.. WOW, lotsa people turn up.. Almost all his friends came, not only the friends came, the friends parents too.. All his rich ass friends from his International school.. Geeesh!! Get to see all those Snobbish Aunties and Uncles!!! Well screw them!! The food was great as the boy’s parents are some wholesaler for seafood stuff.. Fresh seafood were flush down my tummy.. and DAMNNN!!! My sister’s appetite is scaring me.. After joining gym, she put on some weight as her personal trainer said her Body Mass Index was kinda low.. NOW.. She is putting on weight!! and she is starting to eat way more than I do.. Kinda scary.. Hahahha.. Well I said this to her.. “Hey you better not eat so much, when you get overweight, I won’t know you anymore…” Hahahha…

Anyways, gotto go now, I hafta be my mum’s driver the next morning.. Gosh!! MORNING!!!!! AAAAAAAAARGH!!! Hate to wake up when the sun is below 90 degrees in angle.. Hope you get what I mean.. I like the sun to shine right on my ass when I wake up.. Hahhahaha.. Alright.. Nightz…

  1. Xrossfire says:

    it’s “adinda” la (i think)…lolz

  2. cychong says:


    It is very difficult to find a good babysitter.
    Is your aunt still babysitting?
    I am looking for a babysitter for my baby in cheras. 🙂

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